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Monday, June 7, 2010

Writers Block? What works for you?

Ever have those days where you knew you had something to write, that is was right there just below the surface, but you just can't get the words out?  It stinks. 

Somewhere just below the surface I can feel a great story but it is just out of reach. 

I have had this problem off and on over the years as I do like to write but can never seem to finish it or somehow the story changes mid-stream so out the window it goes. 

A couple of things I have picked up that sort of help a little:

     Free writing - like I am doing right now allows me to just type thoughts and luckily for me they tend to line up quickly when I start typing and/or writing it down.

     Talking          - sometimes when having difficulty getting my thoughts in order having a good conversation with my wife about whatever tends to help put thoughts in order (and boy can we get into some doosey conversations from school to space.)

     Listening to music - Kicking back and listening to music can lead to interesting topics playing around in one's mind.

Well, those are a few of the things I try to help me out when I hit that ugly rough road of Writer's Block.  Other ideas?  Let us know.


  1. Exercise can help, a long walk or run

  2. I suffered for awhile with blogger writer's block. I found that getting on a schedule works wonders for me. I post on Tuesdays and Fridays. I also have several drafts of pending posts going at a time.

    This post alone had inspired me to make a post about how I work up a post.

  3. I don't get writers block, my head is full of random stuff so there is always something. My problem is an idea appears and I think I'll write about that but then 3 other ideas push it out of the way so I lose it. Trying to sort my messy thoughts into something worth reading is a challenge too.

  4. Whenever i get an idea of something i write. I start a post and then go back to it. It always comes to me in the middle of the night lol i think i'm funnier for lack of sleep but most of the time i'd rather stay in bed!
    I always have to go watch tv or anything else just to distract myself and then thats when i think the most!

  5. I don't know why but most bloggers comment about how the blogs come to them in the middle of the night. Why couldn't it be the middle of the day when we all tend to be more alert?


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