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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something to make you "See and Think"!

I am a self proclaimed Space Nut! I say it now so all of you know and understand that from time to time you will see things like this posted on the site because I find it "interesting" or just plain awesome.

I was looking around in my picture albums to see if there would be anything interesting to attach to any of my previous post that would make them more "Eye Catching".  Well, I ran into this one and figured this would be a good picture to get people to comment about because of what it looks like. 

I got this picture from one of  the NASA public galleries because it is just a fantastic picture.  Now look at it and enjoy and then tell me what you think it looks like.  I know what I think it looks like but I will not spoil it for you. 

*clue -- if you have not seen anything Look closely at the pink circles inside.

Hope to hear from you and see what we can talk about with this one.


  1. Is that a gingerbread man?

    "Not my gumdrop buttons!"

  2. I think it looks like stars dancing around something and that something has a glowing skull inside of it. Am I right? Am I right? HURRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYY, my 150 has to be a happy face and I'm at 149. :) *muah*

  3. I think inside the pink circle it looks like a fire hydrant!

  4. Leroy here. It looks like a hallucination I had about the end-of-the-world back when I was 15 in the hospital for weight-loss. But then there seems to be a head inside the ring of light.

  5. My first thought was a man, very similar to Tyrie's idea of a gingerbread man.

    Annah I was 150!! YIPPEEE!


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