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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Anything at Anytime is normally a whatever comes to my mind site and I try to keep the Sports to a minimum here as I know several of you are not interested about them.

However, when things happen that are Really Good or Great in Sports I will put them on because they deserve notice and acknowledgement.  The Same goes for REALLY BAD OFFICIATING.  I wrote "Big 12 Officiating - Where has it Gone?" 19 days ago.  I went so far as to let the People at the official Big 12 website (a note to the Commissioner Dan Beebe) know that I was posting it and that I would post ANY rebuttals they may have.  No Comment from them; however I do know that I had several visits the day it was Posted from Austin, Texas which is where Commissioner Dan Beebe resides with his Beloved Longhorns.
I also informed the ESPN Big 12 Blogger David Ubben that that post was going up but did not receive anything from him on the Post either.

It is fine that they did not comment as it was a lone voice complaining about Poor Officiating.

My One Voice is not the only one Complaining about the Officiating.  Voices of multiple Fans in the Big 12 are Complaining and getting LOUDER about it.
Who is in charge of these Officials everyone is complaining about?  Why, Commissioner Dan Beebe of course!  What does the Big 12 do for Commissioner Dan Beebe - Oh, they extend his contract for another three years.  He (Commissioner Dan Beebe) destroys the conference for greed and favoritism and they award him with 3 more years.  Way to go Folks.  Smart Move!

I thought some of the Officiating during the season was Bad in the Big 12; HOWEVER, Tonight takes the cake and wins the Million Dollar Prize of LOP-SIDED FAVORITISM!

I know, you are wondering what caused this Post Tonight and so out of my ordinary posts?  I just finished watching the Nebraska Cornhuskers -vs- Texas A&M.  I was really looking forward to a GOOD game.  Hoping my Huskers would win BIG but honestly expecting a Good tight game - Something like Neb. 24 - A&M 17.

Texas A&M won 9 -6.

Had it been a Fair game as the Big 12 Conference Sportsmanship Statement states:

Big 12 Conference Sportsmanship Statement   

I would have been glad to witness a Great Defensive game, Sad to see My Huskers Loose, but glad to see a good game.  I and every College Football Fan that attended that Game and Watched that game on TV were Robbed by another Case of BIG 12 PISS POOR OFFICIATING!

It is one thing to miss a few calls and one team have a few calls more go against them than the other team.  It is a complete and other thing all together when 16 calls go against one team and only 2 calls go against the other.  16 calls totaling 140 yards of penalties against 2 calls totaling 10 yards of penalties.  Just looking at the numbers alone says the Officials were looking at one team and one team only to find anything and everything that could even LOOK like a penalty.  Some of the Penalties were "deserved" - meaning the guys did something wrong and Yes, a penalty should be levied.

That LOP SIDED -- Hard to see it and give the benefit of Human error to the Officials.  I will readily step up and say "Hey, They are Human, mistakes are made."  The Officiating was SO POOR I don't feel comfortable saying that as it had the appearance of "Giving" the game to A&M.

Bad for My Huskers Loosing, and feel bad for A&M because that takes away from a hard fought game.  People will be talking about how the Officials gave A&M the game - Not that A&M beat Nebraska.
The Officials Robbed both teams!

UPDATE - Insert @1225PM MT
This was posted in the Comments to David Ubben's Post "What we learned in the Big 12: Week 12"
This is a College Football Fan!  
Commissioner Dan Beebe - Does this fan deserve to have their teams victory tainted by POOR, BAD OFFICIATING?  Look what You and Your Officiating crews are doing, not just to the teams receiving bad calls, but to the Fans of Good Teams as well!

The Officials are out there to maintain FAIR Play and safety.  In my opinion - They BLEW IT!
If Commissioner Dan Beebe can not get his Officiating crews to call Games FAIRLY, he should do Two things:  1.  Ask the NCAA to step in and gain control of the Conferences Officiating Crews, and 2.  Step Down as Commissioner of the BIG 12 as he can not perform the Duties required of him as Commissioner and in accordance to the Big 12 Conference Sportsmanship Statement


Not sure here but Looks like Nebraskas 81 got it from A&M's 83 and a knee in the crotch from the Official
and guess who gets the Penalty:

Again, I will leave it with the Statement that if the BIG12 Commissioner Dan Beebe or his representative from the BIG 12 desires to leave a rebuttal comment I will post it directly as is.  If David Ubben of ESPN desires to leave a comment or defend the Officiating of the BIG 12, I will do the same for him.
Anyone else leaving comments - Please Keep it PG-13 and Civil.


  1. This looks like a replay of the Tyler Legate penalty, who drew a flag for stopping someone from trying to twist the head off of a teammate.

    I blame Pelini and Osborne from here on out. If they won't stand up for our players, who will???

  2. Right. The Big 12 chose this game to unleash their conspiracy on your beloved 'Huskers...not the Texas game.

  3. Just food for thought, but according to the official stats, the officiating crew tonight was the same crew from both the Texas and Iowa State games. Iowa State was the game in which there was a questionable fumble called against Nebraska and where Burkhead nearly got his head ripped off with a ref standing right there. This kind of evidence supports the conspiracy theory, though it could be just one officiating crew that has it out for the Huskers. Pelini did get into it with the refs a few times during the Iowa State game. Last year the SEC suspended an officiating crew for questionable calls in multiple games. I am afraid we won't see the Big XII take similar action!

  4. I agree that many of the calls seem questionable, and this is coming from a Big 12 fan. I've followed the Huskers, Jayhawks and A&M for many years, since they created the Big 12 our of the previous 8. My opinion doesn't mean anything, I know that, but....Bo Pelini needs to exhibit a bit more restraint and show some class that previous coaches have shown. Perhaps watch some tapes of Dr. Tom or Solich. Neither ever lost their cool when questionable calls were made like Bo does on a weekly basis.

  5. As a Nebraska fan, I have to point out that the Huskers did not bring their best game, and they put themselves in a position to lose with the help of a few bad calls. The roughing the QB call was by far one of the worst calls I have ever seen, and the 30 yards against Ben Cotton for reacting to being pinched shows the true colors of what Texas A&M football is all about.
    In non-conference games, Nebraska was penalized 29 times for 294 yards compared to their opponents 19 times for 88 yards. In Big 12 games, Nebraska was penalized 57 times for 503 yards compared to opponents 29 times for 266 yards. All games combined, Nebraska was penalized 86 times for 797 yards compared to opponents 48 times for 354 yards. I think the stats say a lot about Big 12 Officiating.
    Alan White
    Somerset, PA

  6. Wow - they ought to be ashamed of themselves!
    Those two last calls in the fourth quarter cost the BIG RED that game. Picking up the flag on the pass interference against the Aggies and the roughing the quarterback against NU on third down which gave A&M the first down and eventual winning field goal. I'm not sure how you stop a 260 lb. corner from hitting a qb when he is mid air when the pass is being thrown. Those two calls were BS. Obviously that zebra crew wants NU out of the Big 12 and guess what so do I. Can't wait for next year. Let's hope that same crew isn't in Lincoln next week for our final Big 12 game!

  7. "A&M Nutman" and officiating crew (if that's what they call themselves?) should be suspended... BIG XII - best football - worst officiating... year after year!! (Watch whatever Bowl games that they happen to officiate if you don't believe it...) The state of Texas should just have their own conference and keep their officials closer to home...

  8. It was grueling to watch this game. You waited for the penalty to be called on the Huskers prior to the play unfolding. It was clear they were not going to get out of there with a win if it was up to the officials. Unfortunately Nebraska gave these moron's just enough wiggle room to impose their ignorance on penalties. Very sad to see such a great game tainted by such few.

  9. As a fan of the Huskers, I understand that there will be times when we lose. This we can understand as it part of the game. However, to you unprofessional officals, please next time let us do it on our own. Also, to the Texas A&M player who tried to remove certain anatomical parts from our player, if you had any of your own you would apologize.

  10. As a Nebraska fan, glad to be out of the Texas conf. or big 12. they should be ashamed of their complete lack of calling a fair game. Bunch of homo ball grabbers!

  11. Thank you to all of you that have commented. As all of you are coming up Anonymous I can not address you individually other than Mr. White who signed his name.

    To Anonymous #2 - this post never said anything about Conspiracy but Lopsided Poor Officiating that has been taking place all season long throughout the Conference. Saturday's game was basically the "Straw the broke the Camel's back" in Bad Officiating in my opinion.

    To Anonymous#10 - I can definitely agree with the frustration but again this is something that has been going on all season in ALL Big 12 Conference Games. As for the "homo ball grabbers!" That is a bit harsh but still within PG-13 ratings and I feel all have their opinions so it got posted.

    As of Today, Monday Nov. 22nd, Coach Pelini has apologized and has stated he will try and reign in his fervor (my word) about the officiating. In My Opinion - Sometimes it takes a Coach going Nuclear on Officials to make them see the light; however, there is a limit and as a former Official in lower level sports, his actions with the clipboard in the face would have had me ejecting him from the game.

    People, Fans, need to let the Big 12 Commissioner's Office or even the NCAA know about the issues of Officiating in whatever Conference in order to insure Fair and Safe Officiating for all involved.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you all.

  12. Three things to keep in mind:

    First, Nebraska did not come to play. It is one thing to blame the officials but if you look at the stats, the running game was subpar, Cody Green blows and therefore, so does the passing game, and the coaching was non-existent. Why are we trying to pass the ball with Cody Green? Or running game is the bread and butter of Nebraska football. Grind it out. Who cares how it looks?
    Second, Bo is a full-time defensive coach. He works the defensive against the opponents and even his own offense. You can't keep berating the officials and expect to be treated respectfully. Penalty flags while the offense is on the feild- the A&M coaching staff was in hog heaven.
    Third, it is over. Don Beebe can suck a fart outta my rear. We are off to a bigger, better conference.


  13. I am a very proud Husker fan way back to Big 8. This year was so full of expectations of Nebraska and I realize we have not played the best we could this second part of the season. But this is the worst officiating I have ever seen. And why is nothing being done about it at all! Really appreciate your web sight. Can not wait to get to the Big 10 hope it's a lot better.

  14. After all of this that has been given us by the big 12's "class act" this season, I have been very anxious and elated in our departure from the BIG TEXAS conferance. Since the fifties I have wathched collge football. I saw the old Southwest ( Texas) conferance go corrupt with even SMU getting the death penalty, and the end of that conferance.The big Eight took the Usurpers in and they began to take over. Now everything is ruled from Dallas even the fearless minded officiating. I am confident that history will repeat itself. The big twelve conferance will fall. Goodbye Big Texas Conf.!!! Ron Young Circa51

  15. By the way. Texas A&M...... Keep you hands off our "Cotton Balls"!!!!!!!!


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