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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Call to Action and Input

Anything at Anytime would like to make a few changes here on the site.

Nothing drastic mind you, just maybe a touch cosmetic (upon legitimate suggestions) and to one of my additional Pages.

So, with that in mind, Anything at Anytime asks YOU; the reader, follower or just individual that stumbled upon this site, to peruse (look around) the site and find what Anything and Everything you Like and Don't Like.  Posts that you think are good and deserve a place that others can find it quickly and easily.

If you take a glance at the Favorites page, you will see that I put My Favorites on it, but I state that it is to be my favorites and Your Favorites.

Find those posts I have written that you really enjoy and comment here so that I can start building a list of what needs to be added to the Favorites page.  Let me/us (all that read my blog) know what you liked about the posts and why it should be a Favorite.  I would definitely like to know and others might find it interesting as well.

As for the Cosmetics -- Legitimate suggestions that will "flow" with everything will be considered and toyed with to get it just right.
Anything in the overall look that doesn't quiet fit or doesn't work like you think it should, those kinds of Things.

The Book Reading Dragon and Header STAYS..... LOL

Hope you all will provide some feedback.

Oh, and Keep an "EYE" out for tomorrows Post --- Teaser


  1. I actually love your blog layout just the way it is. Sorry not much help really. Although that said, maybe a permanent pic of you in the pink dress could be fun :P

  2. My favorites are:
    Something from my Past Writings
    Some Old Sketches
    Talking about the design, your blog looks good. You have a really long right sidebar though, may be there is a point in having two sidebars, left and right.


I have made a change and removed the word verification and your comments will go right up; HOWEVER, if I think it will "OFFEND" my other readers it will be removed.

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