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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving - More Thanks

Anything at Anytime Thanksgiving Thankfuls started Sunday, continued yesterday and will today and tomorrow.

Yesterday, talking about J's family, I missed one.  One Very important lady. Momma's Sister and J's Aunt Nemi.  Nemi never married but became the Woman in everyones' life.  Not a Mother, not an Aunt, not a friend but something So much More!
A bit of this one, a little of this one and a sprinkle of that all mixed together with a touch of Cinnamon baked over a low heat for a time and what do you have?  Nemi!

Nemi is an older woman now but is a very active lady that does her very best to be there for everyone.  She bakes a homemade birthday cake for Everyone.  Has a Christmas party every year in her little humble abode (On a Good day you can get 5 people in that house comfortably, more and it is crowded).  At Christmas I have No idea what she does, but around 30-40 people and room for more.  Always something for Everyone.

At times I feel she, Nemi (who did you think I was talking about?), has adopted us as her kids.  She falls into the  "You need something, here it is family!"  She needs something done around the house - Any or all of us guys are there to work on it.  Somebody is in the Hospital, Nemi is there to give a shoulder, buy lunch, just keep your mind off of what you don't want to think.

I am Thankful that she has been a part of my life, of course my wife's and the lives of my Children.  Matter of fact as I write this she has one of my daughters over at her house teaching her how to make Homemade Pumpkin Pie that she learned from her mother.

For those of you reading today just imagine I had some unique eloquent dialogue to shift from one thing to the next here.  Just make sure you think it was really Awesome.

My Parents..........
Thankful?!?!  Most definitely.  The hows and whys are a bit tricky but most certainly there.
I am, without a doubt, not the easiest child to deal with.  I am vocal, most of the time; opinionated, always; confrontational, certainly; hard headed, obviously (But, I inherited that from my Dad :) as I took notes!); and those are just a few of my faults as a child.  I am Thankful They put up with it.

There have been times they hurt me and Many More that I have hurt them; and yet, They are still there and Love me.  Now, with the cards I have been dealt in life, More than ever I am Grateful that they are still here for me and my Girls (J, D, and E).

We have undeniably had issues.  They didn't "Shut the Door" as I was their son, and I didn't "Shut the Door" (almost but didn't) because I wanted my Daughters to know their Grandparents and my Parents to know their Grand-daughters.

Thank God They didn't give up on me and miss out on my wife and children!

I am just Thankful that We are all trying and not letting ourselves get in the way.

Here, Now, I get to the TWO of the Really Good parts of what I am Thankful for:

My Daughters

Older picture but One I really like!
What man would not be Grateful to have a Blond on one arm and a Brunette on the other?  :)

There are times as a Dad, that I can not allow them to see everything and exactly how I feel about things they have done.  Then there are the times I can't help myself and This is going to be one of them so Please understand this is from a very, Very Proud Parent.

I am so Thankful to God for Blessing me with Two Beautiful and Intelligent Daughters!

Yes, my Daughters, have their "Moments" as children do, but even then, when they do - They can be Whoppers!
I have always told them:  "If you are going to do it - DO IT!  Just be prepared to suffer the consequences."
Those don't happen that frequently.  Thank God.

I am a smart man, most of the time, and pride myself in knowing many things.  I can see it, saw it when they were younger but Really starting to see it Now, My Daughters are going to make Dad look "Stupid" when they get older and more "Edgeumacated!" and I am Glad.  I am Thankful that I have Daughters that will be smarter than I when they get older.

Another bit to go with that that I am Thankful for is they are Smart without loosing their Common Sense!  It always amazes me about "Smart People" and a major lack of Common Sense.  From the looks of it so far No need to worry.  Thank You.

Doing the Right Thing - No Matter the Consequences to yourself because it is the Right Thing, is something that they both have already started to do.  Those moments where you know something Must be said and knowing that in the saying you are making yourself vulnerable, but doing it anyway....... That, in my opinion; No Matter Your Age, Is GUTS.  A Parent (I) should be (am) Proud!  I am Thankful that they both have shown and done things that fit that bill.

Talent abounds in my Daughters - A Singer, A Writer, An Athlete, An Artist, Musicians Both, and "Lurnin" they is sponges!

One plays a Violin and the other the Clarinet, I didn't need ear plugs to long, they picked 'em up, and No not Naturals, but it didn't take them long.  I am Thankful my Eardrums were spared.  LOL

Both can sing; However, D when she lets her voice go is Good.  I have no doubt in my mind that if she ever finds the Right Song she will make My Heart Weep in Pleasure, as well as yours.  She is just shy to show it or sing for small groups.

E, well she is the Writer and Artist.  The art, as in all Artist, is taking its time but you can see it.
Funny how Writing and Art tend to go hand in hand.
Her writing is something all together different.
Put some years and experience behind the pen and paper and with her imagination she will rival my Favorite Author - Robert Jordan.

Yes, I am a Proud Parent and bragging about our Children is an entitlement that all Parents are allowed.  It is written in the manual section 7 sub section H addendum 37.  :)

I am also Highly Critical, not so much as to take a whip to them and say they can do better so do it, but to have them strive to do their best.  J and I both will ask them something along the line "Is this the best you are capable of?,  Have you done all you can?" etc....  If they answer that "Yes, that is." then we leave it at that.  If not then we tell them "If you are going to do something, you do your Best at all times in everything you do."
So, when I say there is talent, part of it is Pride and the other is that there is actually "Something" there.  Someday (I Hope) you may hear one Sing and read what one Writes.

I could go ON and ON!
I just find it difficult to write this about My Daughters as I don't want it all to seem as pure bragging.

Daddies "Little Girls" ( not so "Little" anymore :( !)  -- Absolutely!
Daddies Pride and Joys - Most Assuredly!!
Apples of my Eye - No ifs ands or buts about it!!!
Stole my Heart - Yes they did!

I am Thankful that they are My Daughters.

I am Thankful that God has Blessed Me, and My Family with Two Beautiful, Intelligent, Caring Girls.

I am just Thankful that they are a Part of My Life.


  1. Brag all you want Danny, your Daughters are special. Hugs xx

  2. Loved what you wrote about the girls and would love to have a copy of the photo of the 3 of you AND if you have a fairly recent one of ALL 4 of you I would truly love to have one also - it has been a while since anyone has sent me a photo with J in it too. Hopefully you haven't forgotten the joys of your childhood and adolescent. I have MANY MANY MANY joyful, happy, sweet memories of you son and of our family. I love you! Mom Winfield


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