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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Captcha Humor IV

Anything at Anytime is Going back to the oft times entertaining Captcha Humor.

Some of today's Captchas have an Adult twist to them.  So, if you are under the age of 18 please read one of these bits I have written:  Something to make you see and Think, A Return to Space, Back to Space.
Oh, and Forgive me - I am a Father so sometimes I like to make my Daughters learn something but these have some "Cool" Pictures to boot.
You are of the Older Crowd that is from the Prim and Proper age of living Please read this with care Just in case.  If you feel it is a tad Racy for you Pleas feel free to read on of these:  Dime Store Detective, A Letter in the Mail / Post, Another Letter  - from Thomas.  If those don't interest you Look around and see if anything else strikes your Fancy.

For Regular Readers:   I Got called "CHEEKY" and I Love it!!!!!!!!  

Captcha Humors that I have had lately make up Today's Episode of:

Captcha Humor  IV

This first one was actually in response to my being called "CHEEKY"

But Truly ------ Doesn't Everyone Enjoy a Good  ----- TICKLE - OYYYYYEEEEE!!!!!!!

Next, I couldn't help myself this one was just there and only way way to go with this:
(My Friend Annah at When Red Means Go will get a real Kick out of this one (I HOPE))

What do you do with someone you like but aren't sure about?????????

You have "A Roll and See" = arolenci

I know that was just bad but it was "Oh, so there".  LOL

Now this is not my cup of Tea exactly but some may be interested:

This was in Response to an ADULT site:  some of us Read her work and she is very good.  She makes Harlequin look like Jack and Jill.

Anyway:  What do you call a Man named Lee that bows down to all before him?????  Of course SUB LEE

Now, this one I am going to ask differently and ask your answers:

What does a Speed Deva want -  Fast and Hard or Quick and Over?
(Slapping head) *DOOOhhhhhhhh* Did I just go there?
Why, Yes I did.

Last but not least ----- Some of these came from the same site - Just odd how these pop up.

Now this last one is sort of Freaky Weird.   --- as in NO WAY!!!!! MAAANNNNNN!!!!!

A Friend of mine, and some of yours, that live in the Great Down Unda is selling her house and was talking to her agent about other houses.
Her Story and this Captcha go hand in hand.  So Please stop at her site here (Dribble.....) and read the post.  Then compare my Captcha:

Now, I asked her to find out what the name of the man was that committed the act in her Post.

if you can't see it ----- Cuts Eddi

Read her post and to verify that I ain't BSin you here read down in the comments and you will find my matching comment to what is in the box.  Now ain't that just "WHOOOOOaaaaaaa"?

Hope You all got a couple laughs out of this.


  1. I never thought to see someone build a blog post around the word verification feature, but you've done it very well. I had a different take on the same subject: Call My Bluff.

  2. I am a little worried just how many of these came from my site but it is hilarious. Thank you for the plug for both my blogs. You are a cheeky man and I do love you for it.
    "Harlequin look like Jack and Jill" Brilliant.

  3. Haha, "A Roll and See"......it seems Annah did just that.....but maybe it was more like "A couple of rolls and see"....



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