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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Anything at Anytime's - "Eyessentials"

Anything at Anytime - this actually happened so I hope you get a laugh out of it.

Have you ever found yourself in a chat or a chat room where it seems that a few of the people you meet, in that chat/chat room, and yourself just "Click"?

Yesterday, Anything at Anytime (I) had that happen and Today's Post is dedicated to what transpired.  I am sad to report that I did not copy the conversation.  What follows is the gist of what happened and I think you will all get a kick out of it - I at least I hope you get a smile - I know I was having a Blast when it was going on and still smiling about it now as I am remembering it and preparing to write about it.

This whole post is based on a PUN.

Setting the stage:

I have a Liking to playing Free poker online at Poker stars and yesterday was no different.

When "sat" at a table it depends on the tournament on how many people are "sitting".

In yesterdays case it was a full table with 9 of us "sitting" and preparing to take our opponents money.

From this point on this is not the Exact way things happened but as near as I can recall.

Being sat at the table for the tournament I found a Gentleman to my right that the beginning of his Poker Name was, of all things, "Ace".  Two seats to my left there was another Gentleman whom I will identify as "Mall".
These are the People (which I do not know and did not talk to prior) that I joined in cahoots with in this conversation(s).

Seated across from us all was :  

I, again, Hope you enjoy.

Anything at Anytime


As the first cards are being dealt out:

Mall says something such as:   "I can't help feeling like I am being watched"

Ace -  "We will need to keep an "eye" out"

Myself - "I can't fathom why someone would want to "watch" us?"

(Now there are pauses and dealing and hands all being played while we do this and I will not bother you with all of that.  Just remember that this is all happening with some delays as we are playing our cards as well.  Which gives us the added benefit of coming up with better and wittier comments.)

(I don't recall who did this first but I will lay claim to it and if either of the other two stop in and comment that they started it...... Well, that is fine and I will post it and give them that claim.)

Myself - "Eye just don't see it"

Mall - "Tiny, do you have to keep Looking at me like that?"

Myself - "Don't you think Eye could Leye down for a nap while she is watching things?

Ace - "Tiny, could you keep an eye on my chips while I go the the bathroom?"

Mall - "Eye find this confusing the think with an Eye over my shoulder."

Mall - "Maybe I should keep a Lid on it?"

Myself - "I need a Cornea beer please?"

Ace - "Teyeny, don't let us catch you Blinking."

(This went on and on for the better part of an hour with us coming up with many different Puns based on an Eye or the "I" sound)

Myself - "Teyeny, could you please stop Looking at me?"

Ace - "I think I will take my family to the Transeyeberian Orchestra for the Holiday musical."

Myself - "Teyeny is getting the brunt of everything.  Maybe we should buy her the Eyeful Tower?"

Ace - "Wheye would we do that when we could buy the Eyesores"

Mall - "Eye intend to Eyedentifeye all loosing hands."

Myself - "Now, this would make a Great Post on Meye Blog!

Myself - "Eye think Eye will call tomorrow's post - "Anything at Anytime's Eyessentials"."

Thus you have today's Post.

Eye would Love to See what keyend of Eye/"I" puns you all can come up with?!?!?!


  1. I'm not sure. You're such a good teacher and I'm such a bad pupil.

  2. Almost got that one past me, I didn't See it coming.

    Nice one Madame D.

  3. Eye am tearing up with laughter.

    cool post Danny. :)


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