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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Man, Moment and ?????

Anything at Anytime is going to step out on a branch just a bit and see where it takes us.

Most of you, my followers and readers are Adult.  99.7% (or close) of you are and may get a good laugh and a touch more out of today's post.

And Before you let your mind slip totally to the gutter re-think what you just thought about "TOUCH".

Good God, I'm not that BAD!

If you are a part of the 0.3% please stop here and read yesterday's post from Tomas.

We all know that Humor can be found in the simplest of things.
Sometimes Humor can be found in Captchas as I have shown here in the past.
Humor can be found in the way people do things and what we see.

Humor is all around us, it just takes a little looking or listening to find.

See what I mean?

I now need to set the stage just a bit.

A couple quick things to keep in mind:

Hot dog - aka wiener, aka frank aka the list goes on and on from the mundane to the "Adult".

Juevos - Spanish for eggs or Spanish/Mexican/TexMex Slang for: Balls,Nuts, testicles or just that general region of the Male anatomy.

Why did I give you those?  Just wait.

More to stage setting:

J, my wife (of course) and mother to my children, put on a little weight when she carried the girls.  No big deal in my book because I know where it "Came" from and it did/does not change how I see or feel about her.  OK, I will be honest "It" DID change how I look at her.  I am a Caboose man if you know what I mean - So, it gave me "More" Caboose to see.  That is a good thing Right?  In my book it is!

Anyway, I stray from setting the stage.

So, J puts on a touch of weight from the kids, and again it really has No effect on me (other than the above mentioned).  J, on the other hand, has had issues with the weight gain for years because no matter what she did she couldn't loose the weight.

Diets here, Diets there.

They did nothing for her, but to make her feel like a yo-yo.  You know that Up and Down feeling and your not sure if it will ever stop.

Well, about 6 months ago we (she, myself and the girls) got her a Wii and one of the exercise programs for it.  The Wii is just for her.  We have bought no other games, just for her and her exercising.  With constant encouragement from Myself and the girls, J has been fairly religious with her exercising (exceptions: when she is sick or just truly worn out).

It is starting to SHOW!

I'm a Man - what do you want me to say - I don't see it?


There is an inherent Hornieness in MEN (Yes, I just said that here)!
I don't care if they are straight, bi, or gay; we (as MEN) NOTICE things and THINGS like that don't slip past us.  Hell, a BLIND man would NOTICE!

Again, I deter from my main purpose.

I have always been Flirtatious with my Wife.  Sometimes to the Point of getting a slap on the hand and a "Not RIGHT NOW!!!!" look.
I figured to help encourage her to continue her exercises by increasing the FLIRT Factor.  For every 5lbs she has lost I increase the FLIRT Factor by 10.  We are up 1000.
If you know how to do math you can figure that out easily, if you don't know your math I ain't telling.  What, ....... You want me to get Castrated?
I know the women won't say but if any guys respond to this and put their figures in the comment - Its my Wife and I have to live with her day in and day out.  Do you think the comment will get posted?

For the Life of me I have no idea why I keep getting side tracked and going off on little tangents.  My Mind is a mess today and not a clue as to the "Why".

Once again - Back to the Intended direction.

My Flirtations can come via little gestures; a lite pinch here, a goose there, a nibble on the neck and on occasion the veiled comments.

Veiled Comments - Now there is FUN to be had there.

So to the meat of what started this.
(Hey, what did I say about minds in the Gutter earlier?????!!!!!!?????)

Last night J was tired and didn't want to wait for me to fix dinner so she decided to fix a quick meal that wouldn't take a ton of time and yet fill everyone up.  So, She chopped up some hot dogs started frying the bits to mix with scrambled eggs.  Basically one of the ultra cheap and quick meals we all have had from time to time.  Nothing fancy, Just Food........ Right?

Via Clip Art Guide

Do not be drinking or eating right now!!!!!

I was sitting here at the computer checking out the blog to see what kind of traffic I had had to the site and out of the blue (in the Kitchen) I hear:

"Damn, I Burnt the Wieners!"

My response:  "No you didn't.  Your Wiener is Right Here."  in the most casual conversational tone imaginable.

Her Response: " NO Ding Dong!"......pause......."The Wieners with the Juevos!"

My Comeback:  "Really?...(innocent sounding)  I've got your Wiener and Juevos right here and I Promise they aren't Burnt.  Maybe a little hard but definitely NOT Burnt."

I then got up from the computer and walked into the kitchen: a little goose and a nip on the neck from me, a blush and a Look from her, and the hot dogs and eggs were OK.

If, for some ungodly reason you did not get that, go back to look at the pseudo definitions I gave you all for Hot Dog and Juevos near the top.

Oh, and Yes Ladies - I did get her OK before posting this.

Hope you all got a Laugh and smile out of this?
I had fun writing it.

Please - let me know what you all think.


  1. Ooohhh Danny Boy. LOL. You're too funny.

    Your poor wife. That's what she gets for getting all hot and sexy again.

  2. Yes I am laughing you cheeky man.
    Thank you for the definitions at the start because although I wold have figured out the hot dog, the egg thing would have had me confused.
    Lucky J for having a man who thinks she is sexy no matter what.

  3. oh what a good laugh...and i have to admit im pretty sure i look just like me dog.

  4. You definately got a good hearty chuckle out of me there, Danny Boy.

    You guys are just too damn cute!

  5. Great one .... got a marvelous chuckle out of it and am still grinning from ear to ear right now...can see it all in my mind...love it! Love you and J too! :o)


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