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Friday, November 12, 2010

An Award For Me (The Blog)?

Before Anything at Anytime gets into the bit about the Award we were passed, I would like to THANK all that Stopped in and Visited yesterday.  Many Comments and Names added to the list of Veterans out there to be remembered and the Visits to the site gave us out 3rd best total of visits on a single day.

Now, on to the Award -

The other Day I stopped in at Dribble....... a site Posted by Mynx (down in Australia).  She had just received this same award and passed on to me and a few others.

The Rules are really Simple:

1. List 10 things about myself - I can do that and have some fun with it at the same time.

2. Pass it on to what appears to be 5 others.

The Award

10 Things about Me

1.  Top of the List here -- I Love to be a bothersome Flirt with my Wife - Not completely an exhibitionist but enough so that if some one sees - well, let them think what they will

2.  My Wife and My Children come before ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

3.  I have Later Stage Emphysema - Supposed to be on Oxygen 24/7 but can't stand going out in Public with my Oxygen tank.

4.  Dragons, Dragons, Dragons......... I am a Dragon Nut and have a fair sized collection.  Not Huge but a nice collection over the years of Figures, Books and Pictures.

5.  I Served in the United States Military twice:  Once in the Navy and the Second in the Army.  

6.  There is a "Poor Me" - Financial
There is a "RICHEST IN THE WORLD" me - My Family and Friend Guarantee that!

7.  I Like writing for Anything at Anytime - just wish my skills at writing were a tenth of my Favorite Authors.

8.  I/We (as a family) Love Dogs -- Pound Pups in particular.
Something about getting a dog from the Rescue shelter or Pound
Both times we have gotten GREAT DOGS

9.  Personal Philosophy -- 
Life Passes bye quickly 
Every Now and Again
and Listen
You may be Surprised

10. I always try to do something for someone out of the blue 
A stranger or a Friend it doesn't matter - Just do something Nice for someone else.

Now the 5 Pass ons for this Award:
All Good in my Opinion 
No Specific Order

The first two go out to the Same person but for different Blogs:
LAvery with: 

Exactly what it says A Southern Woman putting life out there as she sees it -- some really interesting bits.

A review by LAvery of many blogs and she grades them with Magnolia Blossoms.
Best has 4 and down from there.  
The Reviews cover a wide variety of styles and taste.  
Odds on she has something you will be interested in.
She did not get this award because she Reviewed Anything at Anytime 
and gave us 3.7 Blossoms                     

Jill Hamilton with:

Definitely an Adult Oriented site but has some Hilarious articles about Adult Life and Sex.  If you have even half an open mind you have to look around her site.

Jaime Jensen with:

Covers a wild full field of topics that cover what has and is happening in her life.  Must Read.    

as always I will keep one in the Pocket for that Blog that just jumps out and grabs me.
When I find that one - It will be getting several awards.

Hope you all have had a Great Day and The Weekend Awaits Us.                


  1. Okay i think that just saved under my Dads name for some reason he was logged in still .. Congrats on your award!!

  2. Congratulations! And thank you so very much (x2)!

  3. Geez I just realized I posted this comment & one for your Veterans Day post ne'er the RBU profile. So know you know it was me, Avery!

  4. Aw, Dan--congratulations and thanks for the shout-out!
    in bed with married women

  5. Hey Dan, I have been having some fun and want your opinion. Pop over to my blog sometime and tell me what you think.
    Great post by the way.

  6. Hi, Dan. Thanks so much for the award. And thanks, too, for noticing my absence. I'm going through a bit of a rough patch in life and have no motivation to write. I hope this award will help!


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