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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Something I am Toying with -

Anything at Anytime (I) is/am going to post bits of some of my other writings here on the site from time to time and it just so happens that is what I will do today.

I would appreciate Any Constructive Criticism that you all have.  Never hurts to hear other opinions.  We never know, the opinions may be laced with that "something" that just makes the whole thing "click" for us.

Today's Post has No Title at this time as it is something that I have recently been working on and still mucking around in my mind with it.  I have No Doubt that there is Much, much more work needed on it.

As you all may have already figured out, my mind runs a mile a minute and then some and doesn't every seem to want to slow down.  It gets hard to "Stop and Smell the Roses" when my mind gets in that endless looping mode, I just have to "Step on the Brakes hard" when that happens.

Getting away from the intended Post - So, will stop there and Proceed with the intentions.

NO Title as of Yet

It had been a long day.  The Sun was still bright in the sky and looked to have another four hours before it got dimmer.

Where Dan (pronounced "Dawn" by the locals) was from the days were not as bright nor as long.  Dan lived on the Equator where he was from and night came much, much earlier there than it is here on this New World.  Hew was still getting used to that difference.  Three weeks here and it still was unsettling.

Had it only been three weeks? he thought.
Damn, that meant he still had at least 22 weeks to go.

The first week was all Paperwork (Governments and Paperwork, Doesn't change, they always have to have a ton of Paperwork) and familiarization with the site and the "Locals".  The "Locals" were DachWar, well that is how his people pronounced the name back home.  Here the Real pronunciation was DargWar (DarG Waur). Dan still did not know what that meant Exactly (they didn't cover that in the "Exchange" school) and he had only been here three weeks.

The DargWar were a tall people.  "Tall" was an understatement, thought Dan.  Dan had never seen any children or Young, so he had no idea how tall they were at younger ages.  The Youngest he had met was Fawad who was near his age, only 2 cycles younger.

Fawad was short for his age as Dan understood it.  Dan chuckled at the thought, as at 23 cycles, Fawad stood an easy 7' tall, a clear foot over Dan's head.  From what Dan had seen so far most of the DargWar stood around 8' tall and he had seen some that were nearer 9' if not 9' tall.
A Tall, thin people, Dan had noted; but, Strong.
They reminded him of some of the plants back home.

Dan's People the BulDouns were not exactly the opposites but definitely not the same.  The BulDouns averaged about 6' tall (maybe once in awhile someone would "sprout" (they called it) to somewhere around 7').  Sturdy builds that when compared to the DargWar made the BulDouns appear short and stumpy.

Dan and Fawad were part of a BulDoun/DargWar exchange expedition with about 1500 others of each of the Races.  Bringing about a Community of around 3000 people.  A similar Community was being formed on Dan's Home World.

The two Peoples had many differences but nothing so drastic that it could lead to any Major Problems.

Their Peoples had run into each other 25 cycles ago, the Cycle of Dan's Birth.  Dan's birth took place a 1/4 cycle after that Historic meeting and his parents immediately enrolled him in the Expedition Birth Pool.

The BulDoun and the DargWar had met in the Stroids.  Neither aware of the other until the BulDouns cracked a Stroid for Ore.  The DargWars sent a ship to investigate and all of this is a result of that Day.

Both the BulDouns and the DargWars saw similarities in the other.  Recognizing that, physical appearance not withstanding, the two Peoples had much to Offer each other in many ways.

This was not the First Exchange, but the result of the First.  The two Races, in the initial meetings, sent Educators, One to the other and Vice Versa, in order to teach about their Races.  Those Educators took 1000 elders from 10 - 20 cycles old and 2000 new births, 0-1 cycle old, and taught them all the ways of Both Worlds.  Half of each to go to the Others World and the other half to stay and work with the New "Exchanges" and assist them in their adjustments to the new environment when they arrived.

25 weeks of initialization to their "New World" and then they were to Become a Part of It!

Dan was looking forward to that day.

He just needed to get used to these Damn, Long, Sun filled Days.


That is where I am right now and trying to figure what kind of Direction I should take this and maybe attack this from both sides - One "Exchange"'s point of view on both Worlds?

Well, Honest Opinions please --- is it worth the time and effort or does my previous writing suggest I keep what talent I have in other avenues?  LOL

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  1. Your "Muse" is clicking back on! About time, follow it's lead..... :o)


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