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Monday, November 8, 2010

I was Tagged, Here is the Result!

Anything at Anytime --- Yeah, that is me.  Never know exactly what I am going to put up here next until the moment, urge, or desire strikes my fancy.

Before I get into today's post I would like to Thank Everyone that Stopped in and Commented (or tried to) on my daughter's Birthday Post.  Third time I have done that and each time has gotten several comments from all corners of the Globe.  Maybe one day I can get it to where we have a comment from every country?  Something to work towards for next July for the next Birthday Post.

Anyway, on to today's Post.

The other day I was tagged on FB (Facebook) and asked to come up with my 15 most influential authors.  I was to have 15 minutes and put them up.  I Didn't do it!
I got to thinking about it/them and I thought it would make a good Post.  Not 15 authors mind you but a few that I TRULY Enjoy.

Authors are like colors --- Many different variations to choose from and find what fits Your desires, fantasies, needs, the list goes on and on - just as the various shades of colors - to many for the eye to really behold.  We all have different tastes.  We all like things from mild to wild, vanilla to banana split, light to dark and all in between.

My FAVORITE Author of all time is Robert Jordan (R.I.P.)
     Author of many books but has become the most well known for his The Wheel of Time series.  He passed away before finishing it (such a true shame, It would have been a wonderful thing to see how he Finished HIS EPIC).  Lucky for us he left plenty of notes and with his wife found someone to finish it based upon his notes.

I have been reading The Wheel of Time series since it first came out in 1990 and have anxiously awaited the next new release, all the while re-reading what was written before.  No matter how many times I read the series I always find something NEW.  A twist I didn't see, a hint of character that makes you rethink what you had previously understood about that character.

He, Robert Jordan, has done such a job with his character building you don't find yourself just interested in the main Character, you can easily find yourself getting drawn into one of the side Characters and their story.  His writing is, in my opinion, on par with if not Surpassing that of J.R.R. Tolkien - Master and Inspirer of Fantasy Creativity (Title of my Research Paper on Tolkien).  Ten years ago I would have (and did in the Paper) placed Robert Jordan as a student on Par of Tolkien's.  Now, years later and on the verge of the End of The Wheel of Time series, I would have to say that the Student has Far Surpassed the Teacher!

I could go on and on about Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series.  A True Fantasy Epic that will draw you into a World all of its own.
**************Writer's Warning!!!!!!   HEED!!!!**************
If you haven't read this series and decide to try it be prepared to keep going - You Will get Sucked into one of the Characters: Rand, Perrin (one of my favorites), Matt (another favorite), Egwene, Elayne (which my youngest is named after and a favorite), or many many others.
The Story/Epic does not revolve specifically around One Character but Several.  I have lost track of all of the different story lines going on.

Again, as you can see, I can go on and on with this Author and Series so will stop here with him, Robert Jordan.

Needless to say Robert Jordan is my Favorite Author for his style and deftness of articulate skill.

How do I continue about other Authors after that?

I do not want to do a disservice to them as they are all good, great Authors, on their own.

The Next Author on my List would be J.R.R. Tolkien -- So much so that I wrote my College Research Paper about him and Risked it all knowing that my Professor was/is a Tolkien fan and that prior to writing the paper was *WARNED*!
I got an "A" on the paper and she tried to help me get it published.  (That was interesting and a story for another day.)

Fantasy existed before Tolkien but he gave Fantasy a New Face and brought in a new fold of readers.  Tolkien created his own languages for some of the "Races" and built a world for young and old to fall in love with.  If you haven't read the books you have probably seen the movies, And to think it all started out as a Bed Time story for his Kids.

J.R.R. Tolkien put forth a new form of Fantasy writing and inspired many to write, draw, program, and even Teach (Rice University has or had a class on Tolkien).  Many, many Authors of Fantasy today draw on the inspiration and the blue prints J.R.R. Tolkien put forth in his The Lord of the Rings series.

Tolkien's format for success and depth of story created Sci-Fi as we know it today.  What a Legacy he left us all with The Lord of the Rings!

OK, I am at two out of 15.  Hmmmmmmmm?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Do I go on or stop here and continue this another time?  I have several more to go but would not make a complete list of 15.  Off of the Top of my head I can think of Six more Authors that you all may find interesting.

Now that is something that could be interesting to explain on a Death Certificate or in a Court of Law.
- Yes, your Honor, We found her there sitting at the computer slack jawed and drooling and when the doctors got there they said she was brain dead from the Dribble on the Screen!

Please forgive the adverts!  I do not do those in my Posts that often - matter of fact I try and refrain from them as I don't really like them in a post myself.  I put them there so that if you were interested you wouldn't have to go looking and hunting them down.

Oh, and Sorry for the tangent today but as Robert Jordan's next book is out in The Wheel of Time series and I know what I am getting for my Birthday, I just couldn't help myself once I got Tagged.


  1. "Yes, your Honor, We found her there sitting at the computer slack jawed and drooling and when the doctors got their they said she was brain dead from the DRIBBLE on the Screen!"
    You have been looking through my window?
    The books sound great. Tried to read Tolkein a long time ago but didnt really get into it. However MJ loves it. Will have to suggest the Robert Jordan ones to him.

  2. I've never read either of these sagas. I seriously need to start reading more. I'm majorly schlackin'.


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