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Monday, November 15, 2010

Just can't Think

Don't know what to Write?
Same Here.

Sitting here at my Desk,

Pondering what to write.

My Desk,

What a Royal turbulence it is.

Nothing in Order again,

But Ordered it is.

Tid bits here and tid bits there,

Just the way I operate, I Think

Maybe I should run

Not physically, I can't.

Another Clean up Post,

Possible, but then again Probably not.

Maybe some Coffee that might jar my head,

A bit of Sugar, a touch of Milk, that just should work.

Not sure but today is just a brain dead day.  I hope these dead cells brought something worth a quick read.
What would you suggest for some topics you would like me to think about when my brain ain't dead.

Hope you all have a Great Week


  1. Get that cute little butt in gear and write me a story Danny. (*tapping foot impatiently) or else I will have get off my butt and write one myself lol.
    Coffee works for me, and chocolate.
    I so know that feeling of pondering and then other days I wonder if everybody just wants me to shut up.
    Any more letters from the dragon hunters yet?

  2. I am trying Mynx but I think some of the teeth are broken in the gears. LOL

    As for Letters from Tomas, right now they are averaging about every two months. With regular mail from overseas it takes a bit longer.

    Hopefully with him being closer in Greenland now We all might hear sooner. We all just have to wait and see. :)

  3. You know I am only teasing. Anytime is good. I just posted a new story for you to sneak a peak at sometime. ;)

  4. Loved the picture...it could be me! I have the same problem coming up with topics. Think about an item you have kept for years and write about why it's important to you.


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