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Monday, November 22, 2010

My Letter to Santa

Anything at Anytime Update: I have since posted another "Letter" titled:

Anything at Anytime is going to get into the Christmas Wish List thing Today.

Christmas Wish List?  This Early!?


You see my birthday is coming up soon and I always seem to get the short end of the stick.  Well, Not just myself but everyone that has a birthday at or just after the holidays does.  Seems everyone thinks "Oh, I can combine the Birthday Gift with their Christmas and only have to worry about them once that way."

So, Those of us that have birthdays on this end of the Calendar, we tend to get the short end of the stick.

I Figure with all of the Techie Junk out here in the world that Santa has some of his Elves surfing the Net and looking around the Blogs to see what People are interested in and want for Christmas.  You have to figure that Santa has most if not all of his Production lines automated by now and the Elves need something to do.  
Come on - Really - what do you think this World would come to if we had a bunch of Elves with nothing to do running about?

On to the Christmas Wish List -  

Dear Santa,

I know you are a busy man and have many request coming your way at all times but I was hoping to get this one out there to you before the Rush in about 2 weeks.  
I have been wondering what I would want for my Birthday or Christmas.  I came up with some of the usual things such as:

- New Lungs - so that I can breather better and get back to work.;

- A Time Machine so that I can go back in the Past and Kick my Ass before I ever Picked up that first Pack of cigarettes.
(I know those two aren't going to happen Anytime Soon so ........)

Getting to possibilities:  Well, there are a few things I would want for myself but those are just time occupying items that are truly in a weird way superficial (not that I wouldn't want them, but don't really need them).

My real desires for Christmas:

- Improve my writing skills and imagination to a point that I could write a "Block Buster" that would set my family up with funds even when I am long gone.

- A Home for the Family - Found one that we like and it would take fixing up from me a little at a time as my health permitted, but I could fix it up as J and the girls like.  Would provide me with peace of mind that they don't have to worry about that if anything should happen to me.  Then again that is Money and Money doesn't grow on trees and I know you don't print that up there.

- Peace of Mind for my Wife so that she doesn't worry about everything all of the time - I know she doesn't tell me all as she doesn't want to Stress me - but if you could give her that, that would be a boon and a Godsend all in one.

(Again a tad out of your reach I know but it never hurts to ask, the worst you can say is "No" - everything else is adverbs and adjectives.) 

More realistic yet still out there:  LOL

- A telescope (a Good Telescope) with capabilities to be connected to my computer.  

- A PS3 with NCAA 2011 College Football game (gots to have my college football even in the off season)

- the ability/means to take my Wife and Girls on a real vacation

- A new Wardrobe for my Wife as she continues to accomplish her goals.  (Some of you may recall an earlier Post and if you Elves have the time look around in my old post and I think you will find what I am referencing)

- For my Girls because I know they have been thinking about them but not wanting to ask- A Whole Everything included Make-Up sets (God, they are growing up,  I would prefer a means to Freeze them where they are!) and Nintendo DSIs (what is it with kids and Pocket games these days?)

Last and Most Important of All:

- Let Us have a Christmas that we all can enjoy Each other, No matter the circumstances!

Thanks for your Time Santa
I know you are getting ready to get Really Busy!

Danny N. Winfield Jr.

And for all of you out there that Doubt that he Exist -  Well, He does!  I met him once a long time ago.  One Cool, and Awesome Dude.  
Get your letters out now as I have no Doubt he will be flooded this year.


  1. Aww Danny, I beleive in Santa Claus and I am sure he is reading blogs. I wish for all your dreams to come true. You and your girls have the greatest gift already. Each other. Big Hugs xx

  2. I like your wishlist Dan, I wish my husband wished for a new wardrobe for me!

  3. I wanted to use your photo of the busy elves. I was wondering if you got it from a site, or if it was free to use commercially.


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