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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Something from my Past Writings

Anything at Anytime is going to post something from my Past efforts.

Yesterday I was searching the files to find D's Birth Certificate (Because Insurance misspelled her name and now want a new copy of the BC upon renewal for the new year).  Anyway, I came across a few folders that had some of my old writing in it and got to looking at / reading.  Some of it isn't bad at all.

One of them struck me and reminded me of someone that the whole family (me, my parents, brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles) all held dear.

I wrote this upon his Death back in 1998 and my Brother (of which was named after him) was to read it at the services.  I don't know if it was read for certain as I was unable to attend.  I greatly respected this man, he was like another Grandfather to me and my brothers when we were around, his Daughter's like older sisters, his wife - well, she was just a doll, corker, and blast all rolled into one.

Now that I have this blog and I ran across what I wrote, I can immortalize him to the degree that is within my and the Internet's power.

So, I hope you like.

With a wife he joined the service -
When he left - his family had grown by two.
Often at Sea or Duty Station,
Away from home, he raised a family.

When times were tough he would shoulder the load --
From bothers, to cousins & down the line --
He was There!
For a Great Nephew he was a name sake.
For Three -- His was the road --
All to Sea they have gone --
Two in the Navy & One the Coast Guard.
For Us - He was there
& all of you too.

He raised two fine daughters
And saw grand children too.
A family in pain, He was the glue.
Married a woman (who some say chews nails)
Tough, beautiful & brilliant to boot.
She caught him
And shared him with all of us here.

Thank you Aunt Lee --
What a Treasure you shared!

I (we) shall ALWAYS miss him.

Goodbye you 'Ole Salt --
May you find smooth seas
and the breeze to always fill your Ship's Sails.

In memory of Don Landes
Written by: Danny N. Winfield Jr. 
6 February 1998

Hope you all liked it.
He was a Very Special Man.


  1. What a nice poem, Danny Boy.

    I am really glad you shared it with us. I felt the love you had for him.


  2. What a lovely tribute there. Thank you for posting. And I did enjoy your halloween one too, but I'm ridiculously busy with work and can't round blogs as quickly as I used to!


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