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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Captcha Humor V

Anything at Anytime presents another Episode of:

Captcha Humor 
Episode V

What does a guy do when "They" have been in a Thong to long?
Well, of course he REST EM.

What do people do when they are going to "Moon" you?
Easy - They go BUMS UP.

When you are remembering someone special or listening to something 
very good or interesting, what do you tell people that are bugging/disturbing you?

You tell them to SUSSH!

What do we call those that regularly read our Blogs and Comment Frequently?

Now, when I save these I save them under the file name: Captcha Humors ## to find them.
This one Just happened that when I saved it, it was/is Captcha Humor 69.

If you are a Priest/Preacher, a Nun or a Monk you should be?

Hope you all got a laugh or two from these.  If you run across any good ones I would Love to see them and hear about them.


  1. Very funny Danny and again I see that the really silly ones come from comments on my blog. Best one I have had for a while was today when I left a comment on "Fully Fashioned" the word was "dresses". Been copying a few myself should I need something to post about.

  2. I hate to break it to you (seriously, I do) (seriously), but those were not funny. :)

  3. Long time no see Mikey. Glad you are back.

    That bad -- bummer -- will have to look for some really BAD ones next time.

    Thanks for stopping in.


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