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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

Anything at Anytime gets to Celebrate another Birthday for one of my Girls!!!!!

D's Birthday is actually tomorrow morning at 9:27 AM Sunday November 7th -  since I know the weekend is the time people get online so-so I figured to do this today so as to allow time for everyone to get a chance to stop and comment on her Birthday Dedication on the Internet.

We got married - we couldn't wait
We got started immediately to expand our family
Four months later and We are told 
"A Child you shall Have"

Eight Months later you arrive
I wanted you too wait a few more weeks
You decided to be two weeks early
From that time on - We (you and I) butt heads

I learned from you - Not to wear ties when your Mother is in Labor
ugly mistake - Neck goes one way and head the other

I know I have brought you up right - You're a Cornhuskers' fan
You try to do the Right thing when it might cause you trouble
Please ALWAYS do - Somehow, Someway Dad has your Back
You have made us Proud as you are our child doing right

I Hope you have a good day and Great Year

Please to all my readers, pass this around -  On these post more than all others traffic, traffic, traffic - as many hellos and Happy Birthdays from around the World as Possible Please.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday "D" Hope you have an amazing day. This wish comes all the way from Australia for you :)

  2. Hi D,

    Another happy B'Day from Oz here, good on you D!!!!

    Have a great day!!!

  3. Happy Birthday D!!! Hope your day is awesome & your year to come blessed!!!

  4. HaPpY BiRtHdAy "D"! Do you have any idea how VERY much you are loved ... my first grandbaby, my first granddaughter ... so terribly proud of you as a person of great values and tremendous faith. Love you forever "D". OH - OH MY! You are a teenager! Gma ooooo xxxxx

  5. ♪HaPpY BiRthDaY♪ - I hope you have a Super FANTASTIC day!!! Best Wishes from Alaska♥ ....
    Lynn Pitts Nordland

  6. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day.....from Florida....Mary Feuge

  7. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday, sending best wishes from Auburn, Alabama. ... Joyce Gonce Bahr

  8. Happy Birthday 'oldest granddaughter'. Hope you have a great day!! ... Nancy Winfield Olmstead ... cousin from Oklahoma

  9. Happy Birthday "D"! You should thank your dad for posting this in the Blogger Help Forum!
    All the way from those islands in the corner of the world, New Zealand.

  10. Happy birthday! Hope you had a truly fabulous day!

  11. This is D thank you dad and everybody who commented this was an awesome B-Day!!!

  12. Oh dear, the day is almost done. But, better late than never. Happy, happy birthday D! Hope you don't forget one of the best gifts you'll ever receive -- your Dad! How many dads would do an internet card for their kids? Hope you're having a blast.

  13. I am always a day late and a dollar short.....so don't act surprised!



    The Ambinator


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