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Friday, November 26, 2010

Big 12 Officiating - Leftovers turned into a Full course

Anything at Anytime hopes you all had a good Thanksgiving.

Everyone here is moving around slowly with full tummies and a lethargic lurching.
Almost like they have all become Turkey Zombies.

So, for today's post I figured I would make if a "Leftovers" day.

I haven't Blasted the Blog with what has happened here on it this week but This Week has been the Best week of the blog since I started it.  All due to some Really Poor Big 12 Officiating in last weekends Nebraska -vs- aTm.
My best day on the blog before was 99 visits, Sunday 185 and the traffic during the week has been steady to the site.  The best week prior to this week was 252 visits and from Sunday to today Anything at Anytime is up to 456 and still have the remainder of today and tomorrow to be tallied on as well.

I never thought One post could pull that much traffic.  Amazing and great feeling knowing that I wrote something that received that much attention that quickly.

I watched the aTm -vs- Texas game last night and the Officiating could have been worse, could have been better also but compared to the Nebraska game the crew that covered last nights game wasn't that bad.  A few questionable calls against aTm but at worst they were questionable.
There was one Atrocious call of Pass Interference near the end of the game that went in the Favor of Texas and That call was clearly "BLOWN"!  The aTm Defender clearly had position and was Interfered with by the Texas Offensive player, But since Commissioner Dan Beebe's "Darling Child" Longhorns weren't bowl eligible yet you knew they were going to receive a few calls didn't you?  I did and Told my Daughter (that is a Longhorns fan) that if aTm did not close it out before the fourth quarter that Texas would catch some "beneficial" calls.

The bad thing about that - Texas turns around and turns the ball over to aTm before they could benefit from the call and aTm was able to secure the victory after that.

Commissioner Dan Beebe's "Darling Child" Longhorns - that he has "built" or is "building" the new conference around and giving so much Conference funds to - went from One of the Best teams in College Football last year to one of the Worst.  5-7 record, worst in their half of the division since 1956 and the first team since Arizona State in the mid 70's to be in the top ranks at the beginning of the season to fall so mightily so quickly.

Since Texas doesn't make a bowl game this year I wonder how big their slice of the "Pie" will be once the conference receives all of its bowl monies.  Going to be interesting to see how Commissioner Dan Beebe handles that one.
Next is the Big 12 Officiating Crews - Is Commissioner Dan Beebe going to Clean up the Conference Officials?  The Officiating has gotten so bad it is making the Conference smell "fishy".  The Officials are on the verge of loosing all form of control, they "appear" to have predetermined "favorites" and are not making calls on Obvious penalties and then turn around and make mysterious "where did that come from calls".

This has happened all season long throughout the conference.  Players are going to suffer major injuries, Fans are missing out on good games, and Commissioner Dan Beebe sits back just not saying a word or correcting the wrongs he has created in the Big 12 Conference.  If it Continues I think it would be a wise thing to petition Dr. Pepper and have them pull their Sponsorship from the Big 12 and the Big 12 Championship game.

Commissioner Dan Beebe won't listen to Fans complaining about the Officials maybe the Fans can influence a major Sponsor and the Sponsor can put the squeeze.

I am a College Football Fan - Commissioner Dan Beebe, don't screw the game (and Conference) up anymore than you already have.  Fix it or Resign your Position to someone that Can!

I don't want good games screwed up or Players Injured due to the Ineptness you and your Officiating crews portray.  

I was going to make this a "Leftovers" comments, post day and it turned into a full course sit down.

I will get back on track.

I Hope Everyone had a Good Thanksgiving.


  1. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am glad you did as well.

    Much love from our family to yours!!

  2. In the A&M-Nebraska game, that one personal foul call was way off. I felt the rest were pretty accurate. Most of them went against Nebraska, so they thought it was unfair. I particularly like the call against the coach, LOL. He needs to take some Valium or something before the game. I know he was frustrated because his offense was not scoring TD's, but hell, neither was A&M's. It's not often you see a game with NO touchdowns!

    However, back to the penalties... if you keep your eye on Von Miller (#40 for A&M) the entire game, you will notice that he was held a lot and it wasn't called. So the apparent "unfairness" went both ways.

    Thanks for your post! Oh, and I call the Longhorns "The Divas" of the Big 12.

    Another idea for you to ponder...since Nebraska is leaving and "Big Eleven" just doesn't have the same ring to it, what do you think about TCU joining the Big 12?

  3. We had a great Thanksgiving in Austin, but what's with the cold? I flew through a blizzard to get to the warm in Texas and tonight it is supposed to freeze!

    Hope you and your family enjoy the rest of the long weekend.


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