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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and Last of my Thankfuls

Anything at Anytime would like to say to you ALL:

As for the Last of my Thankfuls, well, as the saying goes:  "Save the Best for Last!"

I know -  Many of you Readers already knew where I was going to go with this.

I Thank God everyday for everything I have written so far in my Thanksgiving Thankfuls.

I Thank God with every Beat of MY HEART for my Wife!!

A Woman that changed my life for the Better by a thousand fold and then some.  No, she didn't change me, She completed me!  What more can a Husband say of a Wife?

She has given me to Beautiful Daughters, an exceptionally Large Extended Family, Her Heart and so much more.
She is a Teacher that takes pride in her students and gets the best she can from them, Even if she has to pull them along by their noses.  :)
She Cares almost to a fault - but really, if you Care to much can it be considered a Fault?  Probably not.

Fourteen + years later and my Heart still feels like it did the first day I met Her.
Don't get me wrong We have had our moments.  What couple doesn't?  No matter the issues in Fourteen years there has not been a night end without me telling Her "I Love You" nor Her telling me the same.

She is the type of person that when She does something or gets involved in something - She gives it her All.  It does not matter what it is She does, She does the Best she can.  What a great example for our Daughters.  If I were to have a choice to have our Daughters turn out like me or Her -- Most Definitely HER!

She hates reading my posts about her sometimes.  She says I give her to much credit.  Just like her.
I don't think I give Her enough!  So, since it is My Blog - Who do you think wins there?

You Bet your Ass --

This is My Pulpit, My Mountain Top to shout at the World -  To tell the World that God Has Blessed me!
God put Her in my Path and allowed me the Pleasure of Heaven on Earth.

If you didn't get that, here I will make it easier to read:

I Love Her and Thank God She is my Wife and a Part of My Life!

Thus ends my Thanksgiving Thankfuls this year.  Hope to see you next year.


  1. You are adorable Dan and you two are lucky to have each other. I love reading these posts when you declare your love for J. Makes me feel all gooey and smiley. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. I agree w/Mynx. Love reading about your love for J...can't hear enough of it. It pleasures me to no end to know you two REALLY did find "true love". Have always known you two were gifts to each other from God/our Father. And, yes, it makes me grin all over with happiness for you! Writing this at 1:25am day "after" Thanksgiving. Want to thank you, J and the girls for everything you "each" are and for all the precious memories you "each" have given me through the years. Today talking on the phone w/each one of you was another gift! Thank you from my heart! oooo xxxx ... vlww

  3. I love reading these posts as well. It is so awesome to see someone who loves their spouse as much as I love my Sweet Joshua.

    Just warms the heart.


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