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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Update on Tomas' Quest

Anything at Anytime (Me, Myself, I, We, we) is going to continue Posting Letters from Tomas DumBass Snotbottom as they are received.  So, Guess What?

Yeap, Got another one Yesterday about a half hour after I posted.


If I remember correctly I mailed out the last letter to you when we were leaving your old childhood stomping grounds in Germany.  Yes, that is correct.  Did I tell you we were headed to Greenland and destination(s) unknown in the Arctic?  If not, I did now.

You would not believe the difficulties we have had all journey so far.  If I did not know better I would figure someone (or Something) is conspiring against my (our - as you have a vested interest) endeavors to find "Frozen Hell".  

What is odd is the things going wrong and slowing us down are small things.  Things that by themselves should never really be an issue.  When we were leaving Germany three out of four trucks/vans had engine trouble (all three different little things; spark plugs, belts, and one even had a banana in the tail pipe that backed up the exhaust?).  Those added a good five days to the trip as we had to wait for parts.

Finally, back on the road again we got up to Bremen so that we could board the ship I chartered.  You would get a kick out of her.  Her name is Sierra Mist.  I know, reminds you of your Navy days onboard the Sierra doesn't it?  When I saw her name on the available rolls I had to have Her as I found it to be to fortuitous not, considering the Quest I'm on.

We got to Bremen, boarded and loaded everything on the Sierra Mist and ready to go and were informed by her Captain we would have to delay our departure for a few days as they were dredging the mouth of the Harbor for a few new deep draft ships that were to be coming in to port.  Eight days, due to delays before we even left Europe!  Frustrating is to mellow a word for what I am feeling about these things.

Out to sea at last!

The Sierra Mist is a Fine Lady.  As you know the Seas up north can get a bit "Hairy" to say the least but she has handled them well and I have only had to lean over the side a couple of times to Toss things - so to speak.  I have No idea how you handled being at sea as much as you were.  A new found respect there my Friend.  Can't wait to get back on land and be able to walk straight again.

We Finally got to Greenland and Again had to Wait to pull in due to the Volcanic activity they have had recently.  You may have heard about that in the news.  Well, apparently the Volcanic activity caused a bit of underwater land shifting and they were in the process of re-sounding the harbor to insure it could still handle all sizes of ships.  That was another two days wait.

I know, I haven't really told you much and we haven't made a big bunch of progress other than moving from one point to another.  With everything that has delayed us, I do consider it positive movement.  

We have got a guide and She (you would like her - but since your married - well, you know me ;) ) is a very knowledgeable person.  Sustera is her name but she has asked us all to call her Suz so that no one chops up the proper pronunciation of her name.  Suz knows a bit about Dragons and has done some small explorations on her own.  Her suggestion is to go to the Volcano that is/was recently active and start there as that specific Volcano showed no signs of activity prior to its eruption and that it just so happened to coincide with the launching of this Quest.

Well, I need to get this in the Post so that you know what is going on and where we are.  If things should happen that you do not hear from me for awhile be patient as Greenland is a sparse country and does not have availabilities to readily or quickly get word out.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Your Friend and Dragon Compatriot 

Tomas DumBass Snotbottom

P.S. Don't know when you will get this so tell your eldest Happy Birthday for me.  Oh, and a Happy Birthday to you Really early as I know that is coming up as well.

I am telling you, sometimes I think he is baiting me to go join him as he knows I LOVE Hunting Dragons.  Not to Kill them mind you but to see them and find them.

Anyway, I guess we will just have to wait for more news to see what is Happening with him now.  Imagine the possibilities of seeing a Grand Ancient Dragon and maybe in or around an Active Volcano to boot.


  1. Danny Boy, you always manage to make me smile.

    Thanks for that.

    Hope you get to hunt dragons sometime soon!!

  2. I want to hunt Dragons too. Such an adventure he is having. :)


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