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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Prelude to Thanksgiving

To Anything at Anytime's regular followers,

I apologize for the last post and Rant on Sports Officiating.  I hope this post will make amends for that.  I have been reading comments all day about the game and I figured I better shift gears quickly and get back to some GOOD writing before I lost myself in the Stupidity of Ineptness or Ineptness of Stupidity (either one actually works).

Thanksgiving is Thursday.

I (with all the things that Have gone South in my life) Have Many, Many things to be Thankful for.

Where does one start with such a list?
A list that Tells everyone what is important in our lives and gives acknowledgement to things that keep us going, day in and day out.
A list that may include things that mean nothing to some and Everything to Others.

Some of the things that belong on the following list I will save for Posts during the week so that I may give them their proper due.

What follows is in no particular order:

I am Thankful for:

- New friends from around the globe - Everyone of them has a different take on things and brings laughter and in some cases sadness to the table for all to share.  What good are friends if you can't share the Good and the Bad?

- Anything at Anytime as it gives me an outlet for random writings and rants.  Hell of a form of Self-Counseling/Therapy (what you all haven't figured out I'm Mental?)

- Coffee -- The true Go-Go juice of Bloggers

- Good Music -- as Good Music gives thought and voice to those things we sometimes have no other means to communicate to others.

- Technology - without it I would not be typing this and you wouldn't be reading it.

- The ability to know that not all things are Perfect and we have to just do our best.

- Pumpkin Pie with Heaps and Heaps of Cool Whip!!!

- My Father-in-Law's Stuffing --  I can make a meal of this three times a day and a fourth on Sundays and not want for anything else.

- Good Reading -- Far to much junk out their claiming to be a book - But when you find a Good Book you really know it and find yourself becoming a part of it.

- Good Shoes -- You know, those shoes that don't make your feet hurt when you are in them all day.  Those shoes that feel like a glove and don't rub anywhere.  Good Shoes

- Oh, Did I mention Pumpkin Pie with Heaps and Heaps of Cool Whip!!!!!!!

Just an Appetizer before Turkey day.
Anything on your list you don't want to forget and throw out here.  Jump on in and make a comment.  What are some of the "other" things you are Thankful for?

Consider this a Warm-up for Thursday and for Christmas, it is just around the corner.


  1. Oh my God I'm supposed to be dieting for my pre-Thanksgiving party Wednesday night and you just *HAD* to say, heaps and heaps of Cool Whip huh? Hmmmmm sounds soooooo good.

  2. I am thankful for new friends around the world too. Even cheeky males from El Paso. Looking forward to hearing more about thanksgiving

  3. Annah,

    I just can't help myself when it comes to Pumpkin Pie and Heaps and Heaps of Cool Whip. This time of year always brings that URGE to a full boil.
    Besides it is the Holiday so have a little fun and don't totally diet on the Holiday.

    Blogs make it so easy to pick up "World Wide" Friends doesn't it? Not to mention we "cheeky" ones that love to have pun laced word fun! *wink*

  4. "Coffee -- The true Go-Go juice of Bloggers."

    Hmm I don't know more of a Monster drinker myself.


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