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Friday, December 10, 2010

Imagine My Surprise!!!

Anything at Anytime is writing this..... well....., I just had to write this tonight as Something Really (in my opinion), Really Neat, Cool, Awesome, Fantastic happened just a little while ago.

I have been sort of bummed out lately for a few reasons: One you all know of or will if you read back a couple of posts, Two - My Cornhuskers lost the Big 12 Championship game last week to my Dad's Sooners, and then the Resulting Bowl in California puts my Huskers out of my Reach.  (Was trying to get my folks to get me a ticket for the Alamo Bowl if the Cornhuskers went to that one but fate says otherwise and sends them to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl.  Bummer!)

However, about 20 minutes ago or around 8:45 PM MT as you read this, I just got a Pick Me Up of Pick Me Ups!

No, I did not win a Million Dollars!  So don't ask for money.  (I'm so tight you could put a piece of coal where the sun don't shine and in about a week maybe two: there be diamonds :), but I can't even afford the coal :( !!!)

As several of you out there know I like space, anything to do with space, I just love thinking of and dreaming of What Else is out there or as in my title "Ever Wonder...... What's Next?" (I know I haven't done a space thing in awhile so I need to do one.)

Well, one of the many things that I think got me interested in Space was a Book my Parents got me when I was 7 or 8 and I loved it but then I found something even better --- Star Trek!

Yes, I am a Trekkie but not a Trekkie that has every episode memorized (personally I think that takes away from the show - knowing every word/action/event -).  Yeah there are parts you remember, but not enough to take away from the show.

WOW!!! A LIGHT BULB moment even just as I type this.

Did you know that Gene Roddenberry was Born here in El Paso!  The creator of Star Trek was born in this city that I live in now and to have happen today what happened -- Well, it is a Fantastic thing (to me).

I know I hit one of those moments of "Where is he going with this?" again.


Now, Imagine My Surprise when I saw this in my e-mail:

That's right it says William Shatner.  The William Shatner that Played/Is Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek.

Just to make sure I wasn't seeing things I of course opened the e-mail to see what/who it was (Really) and I saw this:

One of the People that helped "Light Up" my interest in Space is following me..... Little ole me - on twitter.

How Freaking Awesome is that.  A Grown man and I am all giddy like a school kid because one of my Role Models for what I wanted to be is now Following me on Twitter.


I am at a point in My life that some dreams, I know, are beyond My Reach, but I can still dream them!

This just helps keep the "Dream" Alive, Reality says "NO" but there are No confines on "Dreams" unless you allow them, and I for one - am one that says "To Hell with those Rules!"

Let the "Dream" Live On!

What a Pick Me Up!

P.S. - as for clarification on the "Light Bulb Moment" - Gene Roddenberry, El Paso and William Shatner, it all just hit at the same time.  Just one of those moments we don't see often enough.


  1. Totally, fantastically, marvelisticly, awesome! WOW .... happy for you son... if he ever writes you tell him "HI" from you mom! LOL ... vlww

  2. oh wow, I can just imagine how giddy you are. kinda like I was the day one of my fave actors walked into a post office I as at. Too busy to drool at the time but as soon as I was able I turned into a blabbering mess.

  3. Dan- WOW!!!that is totally far, freaking, spaced out awesome!!!!

    this may be a possible fav...

    good for you man!!

    shatner is cool...

    you rock dude!!!seriously rock...

    what else can i say, man i am very happy for you...i wish there was a supercool for you font cuz this post would be in that and bold!!!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear


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