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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Several Little things

Anything at Anytime has little bits and pieces today.

First -

A few of the Ships on fire in the

Today is Pearl Harbor Day.  I know your days are all really busy but if you could take a moment of your time and spend it in silence in remembrance of those that Lost their lives on that most Infamous Day.


Second -

This is the Guy
Paydirt Pete

A Congrats to UTEP's Paydirt Pete (UTEP's Mascot) for making it to the Capital One Bowl Final against Ole Dominion's Big Blue.  Both of them had a tough road to the final but they got past some of the Big Names in College Mascots.  Now they are Head to Head to see who is the BEST Mascot this year.  Since My favorite (Herbie Husker) didn't make it I ask all of you to visit the link and Go Vote for Paydirt Pete in his final.  You can Vote as many times as you like (Like, I dunno maybe 10 minutes worth of voting :) for him?).  Seriously, Please Visit the Voting site and put a Vote or two down for good and rowdy Paydirt Pete.

OK, Now did I put enough links for you all to go Vote for Pete?  LOL

Third -

Did you know that Christmas is Right around the Corner?
Really........ I mean, like, 18 shopping days left to make sure you got everyone on your list.
That also means you only have 18 days left to do your best and get on Santa's Good List.  (and if you don't you know that means a lump of coal in your boot/shoe, Right?)
So, start doing that shopping and being really, really nice to others so you don't get that Coal.

On Second thought be really Bad and he might leave you a Whole bag of Coal.  Hmmmmmmm, maybe that isn't so Bad.  Enough Coal and you might not have to Pay for to much Heating fuel from your local gas company.  :)

Last but not Least -

As you all know my Birthday was last week.  My Parents called me and also stopped in here and commented on my Post that day.  Yesterday I got their card for me.

Awesome Card!

No, it did not have a Million Dollars in it so don't ask.  It did have a small gift card and that is as good as spent.

What was Awesome about it?

The Wording

You have all seen those Cheesy cheap cards - You know - the ones we all buy when we are in a hurry and Just have to get something?

Well, this one was NOT one of those.  It had the wording Just Right.  The Wording that tells you that the Person/People that got you THAT Card thought about it and Truly Cared about what they were sending.
It was Good enough that I am almost without the Right words to describe it.

Suffice it to say - It made me FEEL GOOD!


Don't Forget:

A Moment of Silence for Pearl Harbor Day!

Vote, Vote, Vote for Paydirt Pete

Christmas is Quickly Approaching

Always try and get a Good Card for someone 
(it will make you and them Feel GOOD)


I Hope you All have a GREAT DAY!!!!!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Dan

    Pearl Harbour Day? So Pearl Harbour was 7 Dec X years ago. I didn't even know that. We had Rememberance Day a few weeks ago and even though the radio did 2 minutes silence hardly anyone joined in. I have a slight family history addiction so I know quite a bit about my ancestors who went to war, guess that makes it more personal.

    No idea what you are talking about with paydirt pete :0)

    When I buy cards for my Gran I know she reads the verse and thinks about it so I spend ages reading them trying to find one that says something. I gave up a few years ago and now search the internet to find something just right.

    Happy belated birthday.
    Mrs M


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