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Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Answer & #7

Today Anything at Anytime brings you #7 of the 12 Blogs by Christmas and An Answer.
(Read on - You'll See.)

A little Music while you read.

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aka: RBU

RBU gets the #7 slot today of the 12 Blogs of Christmas.  I have mentioned RBU before in a few posts because I am a member; However!, the reason it gets included in this list is simple.  Right now over at RBU you will find many various kinds of Posts based upon the Topic they have for the month.  Currently - the generalized topic is the Holidays, and there are already some fantastic posts and connections to various sites of other writers/bloggers.  There is a Treasure Trove awaiting to be discovered and this is one of the first steps to finding it.

You may find you want to join and submit some pieces.  It is a good way to get additional Exposure to the your site and build up some new "People Connections"/Blogger Friends.

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#12 Canadian Blogger Girl 

An Answer

(to be read as if you were Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas)

Yesterday like any other this Holiday Season.  

J and I were wondering How, What and Where.
Christmas was coming and not much to share.
The Girls, they knew.  

I in our room watching my Games. 
She and the Girls watching their "Soaps" they had recorded all week.

When out of the blue, there arose such a bang, clatter and Curse.
As the mailman attempted to deliver the Post.  (Mail for us in the States but "Post" fits better!)

Letters You see, with Writing, Stamps, Cards and Stuff.

A meager fare to be sure,
but Family and Friends passing Word of Good Cheer.
A Blessing of sorts.
(little We knew)

A Card for me and a Card for her (J)
We pondered and Wondered,
Who could it be?
What could it mean?

We opened our Cards and what did we see?

Christmas for her 
Christmas for me.

The Girls don't know so wait till they see!

Christmas is Coming for You and for Me!


I am the type that likes to see people "Get" things, to see and give that Joy.  

Yeah, like everyone else I like to get things as well, but it is not a must.  
The Must for me is to watching Others get theirs.  
Just something about seeing a "SMILE" on someones face........
We have been tight in the Past but this year has been Tightest of all.

That actually happened Yesterday.  

Children in all their innocence Know Santa is there.
Some say Santa  does Not Exist.
Then those that do not believe ask you to Prove it.

My Answer to that - Santa is in You, Your Neighbor, Your Friends, That Person down the street.
Santa Does Exist in Us, each and Every One!

Santa mailed us Ours and the Girls will have Theirs.

Thank You Santa.  



  1. loving the 12 blogs of christmas great idea

  2. Me too..lov'en the 12 blogs of Christmas! And we ALL know Santa LOVES those smiles! ;o)

  3. There is that Magical Christmas you were talking about a few posts back. Prayers answered? I sure hope so. Awesome post. Blessings, Joanne

  4. Very cool button Danny and I love this post. It is so nice to get things in the mail and I really should pull my finger out next year and make more effort.


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