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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Prayer - or - My "REAL" Letter to Santa

Anything at Anytime Update: Once you have read this one, you should also read:

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(You will See the connection)

Anything at Anytime posted one Letter to Santa not knowing what I "REALLY" wanted.

I hope I get this one out before the deadline.  (Does Santa have a Deadline?)

I Love This Song,  No matter how much it Tears my Heart out!
This has to be one of the Most Meaningful Songs!  
The bad part is it "Hits Home" in so many ways.

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(Lord, hear my Prayer)

First and foremost - 
I would ask that you do your best for my Nephews David and James as this will be Their first Christmas without their Mother, and my Brother Donald as this is His first without his wife, my niece Zoey and Sister-in-law Lacy who will be dealing with their second Christmas without my Brother Mickey.
(let Them All know that They are being Loved from Above!)  

For all those Away from home and Family,
I wish that all military members (No Matter the Nation) have a Peaceful, Safe Holiday Season and that they all find themselves Home with their families soon!

Now, on a more personal note.

I have been thinking so long and hard to find Exactly what I want to say, what I "want", but I can't find the words or the "wants".  

There are others out there in need so much more than Me and Mine.  We aren't rich and things are tight again, but We (I) have our (My) family.

I want to be so selfish right now but damned if I can't.
I have friends and Family that Need more than I.  
Family away in War Zones, Keep them safe.  
Family and friends living without Loved Ones anymore, bring them Peace and Comfort.
The World Needs Tranquility for One full day.

I've Got IT!!!

There is One thing I will ask for -

My Parents had it.  My In-Laws had it and so did My Grandparents.

Could you please, Please give me the Secret to providing My Family with that "Unforgettable" Christmas, that "Perfect" Christmas?  

I won't always be here and I would like to see that moment.  That "Look" that says it all.  
I'm not talking about a Ton of gifts, I am talking about a few "Perfect Gifts" all magically put together with Everything.   

I know that the Secret to that falls somewhere in the putting it all together and mixing it with just the right amounts of this and that.  

That is what I want more than Anything for myself is to make that "Perfect Unforgettable Christmas" for my Wife and Girls.

I know, None of these are easy requests, but if you can find it in your Heart to do Just One - Please make it the Peace and Comfort to My Nephews, Niece, Brother and Sister-in-Law.

Thanks for Listening


  1. peace and hope...
    excellent thoughts my friend...
    god bless you and yours!
    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    the guy book
    the guy book

  2. You make me cry .... BUT - you said it ALL soooo right ... the perfect Christmas - how about the perfect Christmas being about the Love given by you to each and every member of your family (wife, daughters, in-laws, parents, brother, nephews, niece and sis-in-law) & your extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, friends) ....
    Your LOVE means MORE than ANYTHING ELSE in the WHOLE WORLD --- your LOVE is the GREATEST GIFT of ALL.... ... vlww

  3. Danny, you made me cry again.
    I am going to add your wishes to my prayers.
    I am also pretty certain, that every christmas your family gets to spend with you is a perfect one.

  4. no words except thanks for great post

  5. Beautiful heart felt post. Your Post brought me back to a place 3 years ago where I thought the same thing. I thought there were so many people who were in a worse place than I how could i be selfish and ask anything of God for myself? A friend simply told me "As a parent we want our kids to come to us with their problems and fears because we can't fathom thinking of them walking alone with such heavy burdens." She then said "God is Your Father and loves you very much. He has made it so that you can go to him and ask of him what you would want your own children to ask of you if they were burdened." with those words I felt free and without guilt to ask ...so I did. I prayed for others and I prayed for myself. Your Christmas will be magical because you and your family know how precious These moments are. Your love will shine through and will make This Christmas beautiful, and magical for your family. Your prayers for your Brother and extended family are being heard and I will pray for you all too. Blessings, Joanne (Sorry this comment was so long.)

  6. DJ/Son: Thank you for such a wonderful and caring Christmas wish; you know they do come true; I remember a story of a young soldier in Vietnam; his wife had just had their first child and he was preparing to celebrate Christmas (alone); wondering how his wife was doing and what that new son looked like, and saying a prayer for both as he looked at a 2 foot tree his wife had sent. Then, out of no where, that gift came; seems like there was a need for a officer to transport prisoners back to Leavenworth Prison in Kansas. That soldier got the assignment. On Christmas Eve, 1968, in Hastings, Ne; 22 inches of snow and 20 degrees below zero, a county grader plowed thru the snow for over 20 miles to the train station, so that soldier could meet up with his wife and newborn son (mother in law too); "I" saw you for the first time; my heart would never be the same. Now our hearts ache with the loss of our youngest son; a lovely dauther in law, and the impact it will always have on our family. But some things never go away; my Christmas Gift of 42 years ago will always bring a smile to my face and a lump in my throat. Thanks again DJ for bringing it back to both your mom and me. Merry Christmas to you and to J, and to D, and to E, and to S. May God continue to bless your family.



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