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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Anything at Anytime has spent a little time thinking of things, many things.


The Holidays are laced with them.

Thanksgiving is Pumpkins, Cornucopias, Turkey, "Football".
Christmas - now this is a long list so I will just hit a few of them - has Caroling, Christmas Trees, Decorations, "Bowl Games", Stars or Angels on the tops of Trees, the list goes on and on.

Over the years I have found - for me - that the best Traditions are those started by Yourself (Myself) or Family and Friends.  The first time it isn't a Tradition.  Each successive time there-after it then becomes Tradition and starts to take on a True Meaning.

Its simple to start your own Family Tradition.  One we have had in Our home started when I was a kid at home with my Mom and Dad.  We would/do get the Christmas Tree up on my Birthday.  It has become the "Sign" in our home that Once the Tree is Up Christmas is here.  The Tree signifies that from that point until the Tree is taken down - Christmas Attitude is to abound in our home.

A semi-Tradition that J and I try to do (not always but try) - is that when we have baked goods given to us on Christmas Eve, We drive through some of the Truck depot places here in El Paso and we give them to Truckers as they head out on the Road.  Sort of a way of saying "Somebody is thinking of you on Christmas Eve" type of thing.  I was never a "Trucker" but have Worked often enough on Christmas Eve to know that it is a bummer and getting something unexpected like that is a BIG "Pick Me Up".

We might have to change that as my Health is not the best to get out of the car and wait on Trucks coming by to pass out a few Packages of Home Made Cookies and such.  Don't know how we can work around that but we will see.

Traditions have their own meanings.  Most of the time Tradition is something simple to represent something so much more Monumental.  Traditions start out small with one or two or ten or twenty people doing it, then they share it with others or bring others in to experience it and it spreads.  Traditions Unite people and bring them all closer together, sometimes for a short time and others it could be for a lifetime.

So, Since most of you that read my Blog are Bloggers yourselves and a Few of you have some LARGE LARGE Audiences - A CHALLENGE -  I say we all come up with a Unique thing and try and make it a "Tradition" and Include our Audiences in it.  Suggestions on what we all could do together and a Suggested LAUNCH date Prior to Christmas so that we could all do it on the same day - It could be something Fun and Interesting to start and see if it catches on?  What do you all think?

A Holiday Tradition Making Challenge?  Are we all Up to it?  I am - Who is in it with me?


  1. my parents started the tradition of opening one gift on christmas eve to help with the suspense of waiting till morning it was awesome

  2. My Christmas tradition? I get together with my nieces and nephew to bake cookies every year. They are some great cookie recipes where the kids do all the work (simple measurements, instructions and what have you), and all I do is supervise and work the oven.

    The last thing they do is chocolate covered marshmallows. That is not the fun part, though. After they are done covering all the marshmallows, they have a chocolate fight with the leftover chocolate and their spatulas.

    We have done it for years and by coincedence, we are doing it THIS Sunday.

    Should be fun, fun, fun.

  3. Traditions (just a few of them)
    Decorating home & tree by 30 Nov.
    Gifts for 3 boys & 3 girls via Red Cross, Military, etc. - whom ever is collecting gifts for children in area we live in.
    Gifting home baked goodies to neighbors & friends.
    Opening on present Christmas Eve.
    Candle light service either at church or at home on Christmas Eve.
    Having family and friends over for Christmas dinner or Christmas Eve dinner.
    .... vlww


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