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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dime Store Detective ReVisited

Anything at Anytime got to thinking, and.......... As you Know, THINKING can lead to some strange things.

Again, as with the First Dime Store Detective, this is to be read in that Cheap Dime Store novel commentary.

From my Case Files:        THE BOX!

This isn't a case but something strange that happened one day in the office.

The office, well, it is just a plain office.  Guys like me can't afford those Fancy Schmancy offices.

The office has an outer room which has become my receptionist area, (I should say Shirley's reception area,  She tries to make it more than it is but not much you can do with a square box.) and my "Office" which just happens to be a little bigger than a shoe box.

Taken from the front door.  See, it definitely is........ Well, it ain't the Taj  Mahal

Winter was here and Thanksgiving was past.  I was, as is the norm for me, sitting at my desk with my feet up reading the papers.  Thinking about how the last case had gone.  I had solved the case but was still wondering how this guy could have made a complete Thanksgiving Meal with only 6 cans of Chicken Noodle soup and a jar of Allspice.

Then Shirley, the girl out front, came in bringing in a box.  Nothing unusual about about it, a brown card board box about two feet long by about a foot high.

"What's with the box Shirley?"

"Nothing Dan, just something Santa gave me years ago and I wanted to decorate this office.  If I don't do it, I Know you will never get around to it."

I stroll out to the front office at her desk as she is opening up the box.
Taking a peek, there were some decorations and garland, maybe enough to fill the box about a quarter of the way.  Nothing much.

"OK, keep it out here and I am going back in and don't want to be disturbed.  Got to finish paper work and figure out what I am going to tell Sargent Math about the Turkey."
           *Thinking to myself*
            How did he get a 16lb Turkey in a Coke bottle?

Shirley, good gams on that girl (Yes, I am married but I ain't DEAD Yet), shuts the front door as I go towards my office.  Just as I am about to shut the door I hear "Jingling".  I pull the door open and look and Shirley is carrying a Reindeer Harness with bells on it and puts it on the Front Door.
Hmmmmm, must have missed that one, didn't see it in the box.

I shut my door and got back to my desk.

God, I hate paperwork!

As the day drags on and on for me, I continue to write my notes and hear Shirley out front "Decorating" the front.

I hear a radio kick on in the other room and gather that Shirley brought a radio with her this morning.  Shaking my head because I swear I did not see her carrying it with that box this morning.  Looking up from my desk I see Shirley's silhouette going back and forth across the glass as she is decorating and humming to the Christmas music playing on the radio.  (Man o man does that girl get into the holiday thing.)

A bit later there is a knock on my door and Shirley pokes her head in:

"It's Lunchtime and I have extra - care for some?"

"Sure, I completely forgot about Lunch."

"Good, be right back."

A moment later she brings me a plate full of food.

"Where did you get that?"


"When did you go get Lunch, I didn't hear you leave?"

"Ohhhhh, I didn't.  It was wrapped in the box."

"Man, I must be completely off of my game I missed everything this morning."

Shirley just smiles and says "Enjoy Lunch" and walks out shutting the door behind her.

It was a good meal - Ham, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans (the ones mixed with cream of whatever soup and crunchies on top).  Again it was a Good Meal.

I get back to work and notice Shirley is at it again with the Humming and putting stuff up.  Guess she can't decide what she wants to go where.  I can understand that.  I imagine she puts a little somewhere and it makes other areas look "Yuck" because there is nothing there.

Maybe I will ask My Honey if we have some extra decorations when I get home tonight and bring them in for her tomorrow, I think, Yeah! that will work.

So, I bury my head back into my work, just a few more hours and I should have it all done.

Hours pass as I get involved in the Paperwork and eventually.......

Finally Done!

I look at the clock and damned if it isn't time to go home.  I look out the window and the street lights are turning on and the Sun is down leaving a pink glow on the clouds (wish I had my camera then, it was a beautiful image.)

Things had settled down out front.
The Radio was still playing Christmas Music and Shirley was still Humming but I could tell from the sound she was at her desk.

"Time to Go Home Shirley." I say loudly as I get my coat and hat.

I open the door of my Office and.......... Well, See for yourself:

"Where did all of this come from!"

Stunned is an Understatement.

"Shirley, where did you get all of this?"

"From my box."

"That Box I saw you bring in this morning?  Yeah, Right!  Come on what is this going to cost me?"

"Seriously, it all came from the Box."
"I told you I got this from Santa.  He gave it to me when I was a kid and Every Christmas since I have had all the Decorations I want."

I went to the "Box" and looked in and I'll be Damned if it still didn't have the decorations and garland I saw in it this morning filling the "Box" about a quarter full.

That was 5 years ago now.

As this gets typed Shirley is out there with her "Box" and doing it again.  I wonder what it will look like this year?!?

I wonder..........
I have seen it happen before.........
It amazes me Every Single Time..........
When Someone makes so Much out of Nothing and there is always plenty for everyone's fill!

I Hope your Holidays find many "little" miracles like this!



  1. wow she sounds like an amazing worker must be one of santa's elfs

  2. I love these stories. You have such an amazing way of capturing the genre.


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