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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It is in a Picture so it Must be TRUE!?! and #6

Anything at Anytime finds it hard to believe but It was caught on Camera last night - Mine at least.
You won't believe what happened last night.

I still find it hard to believe - just a wonder How I could have caught something like that on camera.

For those of you that don't know, I am a Space Buff and LOVE when special things happen.  It just so happens last night/today is a double Whammy when it comes to Celestial events.
A Lunar Eclipse and A Solstice all in less than 24 hours of one another.  The last time that happened was 372 years ago and maybe that is why I caught what I caught on Camera.

I will get into more into what I caught in just a bit.

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It is in a Picture so it Must be TRUE!?!

As I mentioned at the Beginning of this Post, I am a Space Buff so I couldn't help myself with Last night's Eclipse and had J and the Girls stay up with me until almost 1AM so that they could see it (or at least Part of it).  

I even used my camera to try and catch a few pictures.  I wasn't completely satisfied with what I was getting off of my camera so I borrowed Girls' cheap camera and took one picture after everyone had gone to bed and the Eclipse was in Full Bloom!

This Morning I have been downloading the Pictures onto this here computer of mine and trying to come up with a nice collage of a few pictures to Wow you all but to No avail except a small string of Pictures that show just a tad of the Eclipse happening.  

6 pictures I took with my camera
left to right - Full Moon before the Eclipse (Love the Natural Sparkle, almost reminds me of the Nativity Star)
Far right is the Last picture that showed any of the moon.


The Picture I took of the Lunar Eclipse in Full Bloom with the Girls' Camera Now that one......

I am telling you Prepare yourselves!

He must have been doing a Test Run and Decided the Lunar Eclipse would provide "Cover".

It is in a Picture so it Must be TRUE!?!

When I saw this Picture after a closer look I was STUNNED to Say the Least.

Well, I have said Enough -- You be the Judge.

The only thing I can think is that He must have been testing some New kind of "Cloaking" device.  If it had not been for the catching it on Camera I never would have seen it - Nor would you for that matter as I didn't see it when I was Looking right at the moon with my small Telescope.

Oh, and a heads up only 3 Shopping Days left and 4 Days till THE DAY.

Hope you all are ready.



  1. Thank you Danny for the recognition!

    I watched the eclipse last night also...standing outside in the snow! The clouds parted for a brief period so i could see the shadow start to cross the moon. By the time it got to full coverage the clouds had moved back in and the moon was no longer visible. It was still exciting. The photo you got was great.

  2. LOL LOL LOL! Too Funny! the pictures are awesome. Blessings, Joanne

  3. wow man!

    he must have been testing is right! i thought i saw something up there as well but i forgot to take the lense cap off...

    but i got an awesome pic of the inside of the cap!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    The guy book
    the guy book

  4. Beautiful pics Danny. I am dissappointed I missed it all. Arrggh and being infront of you time wise, we only have 2 more shopping days and 3 more sleeps til he has to do his proper run.


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