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Saturday, December 4, 2010

An Award & "Gift of Renewal"?

Anything at Anytime has a couple of things to cover today.

So, here is a little Christmas Music to play while you read.

First - I Received an Award for Anything at Anytime today from my friend Mynx over at Dribble.... and It has CUPCAKES!  :)

Now, I am not sure on Exactly how many I am supposed to give out.  I will do that Tomorrow and have you all come back to see who gets to have some Cupcakes as well.

So, Tomorrow is "Cupcake" Day.

Yesterday's post was about trying to get a New Tradition started.  Something that we can all do across the Globe in the spirit of Unity.  Mynx made a suggestion that isn't a bad one.

I went and talked to J and the girls and get opinions/ideas from them.  They had a few good ones themselves but the one that stood out...... well, it will take a bit of Explaining.

I really like this one that the girls (all three - J, D, and E) came up with.  It requires a little personal time and creativity.  I imagine many people around the World do something like this already.
So, if many already do it what is new about it?  Well, the intent behind it, getting more and more people to do something like this.

The Idea is Simple - Between Now and December 30th - You make a Gift with your own hands.

It can be ANYTHING.
It MUST have something Recycled in it.
You give it to Someone (Not in your Home (member of your Household)) on December 31st. - Family, Friends, Coworkers..... Anyone.  You could even give it to the first Person that says hello to you on New Year's Eve day.

We were thinking that this would be something relatively simple.  It would require a bit of your time (as all Gifts should) and a little imagination/creativity.
An Example:
E & D are thinking about making some Pencil Holders with Soda Cans

We thought a fitting Name would be "A Gift of Renewal" 
- to symbolize that things Can be Re-Used and A New Beginning to the New Year.

If you like the Idea and think it is reasonable - You have until December 30th to get them/it done and Give it on December 31st.
Also I would ask that you send me a Picture (at my E-mail) and I can place them on the blog as the 1st Batch of "Gift of Renewal"s.

I do not Live to Recycle but this is something that would benefit us all in the long term.

Besides, you never know - you could come up with something that is so Awesome and Unique that........ Well, Anything can happen at Anytime.  
(Like how I did that?  I couldn't pass it up.)

Think about it and let me know.

P.S. If you like the Idea of "Gift of Renewal" pass it on - Tweet it, Retweet it, Stumble it, Post a Link on your Facebook (if you use FB), forward it and if you know of any active Recycle Chats or participate in them Pass it on to them.  The more that participate the more GOOD it does.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and visiting and now following. You now have a new follower too!


  2. What a neat idea, and something even the kiddos can get in on!


  3. Congrats on your award!!

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing! I'll be passing this along! :D

    Happy Sunday!


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