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Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Wrong and #6

I know, I know!  Today's post is getting out late today.  It was for a very good reason, I Promise.
Anything at Anytime went Christmas Shopping today.


by Argentum Vulgaris

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Just Wrong

Today J and I went shopping and I noticed a few things that were Just Wrong.

Just Wrong #1

Most people drive bad enough as is on a regular basis, the Christmas shopping season is Not a pass to Drive even Worse.  
Seriously,  Come on.  At Least LOOK where your going and wave with a malicious smile when you cut someone off from a parking spot or Pull out in front of them.

Get real out there People, Please be aware of your surroundings when you are driving and try to be courteous.

Just Wrong #2

Line jumping.  Now this one just Pisses me Off to Universal proportions.  A store full of people and half of those are in line(s) to get to the register and make their purchase and go home or more shopping AND some idiot feels he/she has the right, Nay, the authority to Cut lines because He/She is "in a Hurry" and act like they have done nothing wrong.

Sorry but LOOK Here "Jack"/"Janet" - Better back the "F" up and get your butt to the back of the line.

Just Wrong #3

The Guilt trip.
This one is a bit, I don't know but sort of Screwy in my book.  A person has something in their hands looking at it to decide if they want it and then put it down and move a bit down the aisle.  You of course step in and see the same item and (it is the last one on the shelf) start looking at it and the Person that just moved away steps back in and says something like "Ohhhhhh, I just put that down for a seconddddd.  It would be perfect for........."

Come On!  If you put it down and move away from it....... Damn, its Fair Game.  Don't go trying to guilt trip someone you don''t know.
(Besides it wasn't what I was looking for)

Just Wrong #4

A shop attendant that just stands or SITS growing roots in place.  A kiosk in the middle of the mall had some really interesting Leather Jewelry - necklaces, bracelets and a wide variety of stuff.  Some was really cool stuff.  J and I spent about 5 minutes talking about and looking at various bits of this stuff and there was a really cool Leather bracelet with a metal Cross stamp out on it.  Something I would have liked for me and J was cool with it so.........  Had the lady that was attending the Kiosk even once asked if we were interested I would have had a cool bracelet on Right Now.  As it was,  Good God she could have been a Gargoyle stuck on the top of Notre Dame Cathedral.  

Get Real Folks if a potential customer spends more than 2 minutes at a Kiosk (of all places) odds on they are interested in something.  You are there to Sell so Get off you Lazy Dead Backside and "ASK".
(Needless to say - I don't have a Really Cool Leather Cross Bracelet on right now!)

It is the Holidays Folks we all should be on our Best Behavior.  Do me and You a big Favor, when you are out shopping please do Your Best to set a Good Example for those that need it out there.  
You never know, it might catch on and by next year things could be better.



  1. You're right on the money. You are preachin' to the choir brother! Preachin' to the choir. Joanne

  2. excellent post!
    i really hate the lazies when i am shopping...
    almost as much as any driving in the mall..
    that's right the mall, not the parking lot...
    you kiddin me the mall parkinglot is just plain dangerous...i have a fightin chance in the mall...

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    The guy book
    the guy book

  3. Cranky Danny, hmmm, does someone need a hug? Lol. Shopping at this time of year is only for the brave and stupid. Well done you for going with J and dealing with it. Agreed with all you said Darl'n.
    Hugs & Kisses

  4. I avoid everything top do with shopping at this time of the year. I don't even go to town.

    Thanks heaps for the write up on Blogger's Cafe, appreciated.


  5. totally hate the line jumpers they make me mad i teach my son it's wrong then an adult goes and does it. drives me crazy


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