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Saturday, December 11, 2010

38 years! Has it been that Long?

Anything at Anytime revisits Space - Near Space, but Space none the less (after last night's event, I was reminded of my neglect).

38 years ago on December 7th 1972, Apollo 17 left Earth to Rendezvous with the moon for what would be The LAST Manned Mission there.  Apollo 17 would return to Earth twelve days later on December 19th 1972.

Man has not set foot there since!

What is so bad about that is that we as a People should have rallied around those moments and Continued.  We never should have stopped.  That is like a weight lifter working up to and achieving a 500lb bench press then no longer lifting weights - it all turns to FAT!

Look at all of the things that have come about because of those days of "Pushing the Limits" of Technology!

Can you imagine where we would be Now if we Had Not Stopped!?!?

Yes, there are Moments of Failure and Loss of Life.
Those things happen every single day.  Failure is a prime lesson that at some point we all have to face.  The Loss of Life is the Price paid to explore.

I can not speak for Astronauts (not a single one) but if Man had stopped going beyond the next hill top because a Predator killed someone just beyond that hill when man was still learning to start fires, we would be nothing more than a Pack of bipedal lemmings.

Exploration is a vital part of our Nature.  The need to see what else is out there, what is beyond what we can see, is something Man has done from the beginning.

Why take steps towards an objective and then completely stop and do an "About Face"?
That is a Waste of Resources and Life.
Striving to go and accomplish the objective and going beyond that makes the best of the Resources and Celebrates the Life(ves) lost.

There are many things to explore and discover here on Earth, we have not learned all she has to teach us, but we must continue what was started in Space because eventually That is where We will, nay, Must Go!

So, in remembrance of what was and hopefully will be someday again - Please Enjoy these pictures of The Moon from the Apollo Missions and a photo of the Last Crew to set foot on the Moon.

The Last Men to go to the Moon - Crew of Apollo 17
I don't know which order they are in but:
Commander Eugene A. Cernan
LMP Harrison H. Schmitt
CMP Ron Evans

Approximate Locations of the Apollo Missions
landing sites

a regular shot of the moon so you can compare the images
and maybe figure out where to look for the landing sites.

Now just think -- Look what We (as People) Can Do, when We set our Minds on Something!?!?!

Look what We were doing 38 years ago.

Honestly, Why Stop There?


  1. Cool pictures. Seems almost impossible, but there they were...right on the moon. To me space is very scary...I think because whats out there is just too vast for my own mind to fathom. Great post.

  2. You are correct! We should not have stopped - our future is out there. We must push to the extreme to gain the stars. Exploring the depths of our oceans and gaining the stars must be mankind's objectives now and in the future! ... vlww


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