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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cupcake Day and Lil' bits

Hey its Christmas Time and Anything at Anytime can break the norm if I want.

So, More Christmas Music to relax and listen while you read.

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Yesterday, I told you that I would be passing out the Award I got and as there is no Definitive number of "Pass Ons" I have decided that when that happens I will "Pass On" to 3 other Blogs.

Remember there is no particular order other than first that come to mind.

The first one will be to Annah at when Red Means Go - She get this for a couple of reasons: 1.  She Always comes up with something Unique and has her own little cool cartoons to boot.  2.  (And this is Probably the most important to her :) ) She LOVES CUPCAKES!

So here are some Cupcakes from Me to You, Girlo.

Next goes out to Joanne at 10 Minutes 2 Breathe - She is very New to the blogging world but she has some good post over at her site and they are short and to the point but conveys the life of a Person and Parent Very Well in her short Post.  Her Site is Clean and Simple and "Comfy".  So if you get a chance - Stop, Read and Comment on something she has written.

Oh, if your wondering - to be honest - how I ran across her site?  I was adding my site to another directory and read one of their articles and she had commented and used her Blog addy as part of her Signature (something we all should do when leaving "Real" Comments).  As you all know I have Later Stage Emphysema so when I read "10minutes2breathe"....... Well, I think you get the Idea.  Needless to say, I was Pleasantly Surprised.

Last but Definitely NOT least is................
Nana over at Benchmark 60.  Another Clean, easy to follow site.  Nana is a Retired Education Specialist (she was a Teacher and later she was in Administration for her School District), Grandma and when she talks (types)...... Well, No BS there she tells it like it is and what is happening in her life and going on around her.
From what I have Read she has the attitude we all should aspire to when we get to a point of Retirement.

Nana has been a Follower of mine from Almost the beginning if not the beginning.  She had her site set by the time I hit the stage and she has frequently come in and commented about the growth and "Changes" to my site as she notices them.  Can't Put one Past a "Teacher".  :)
So, Stop in and pay her a visit at Benchmark 60.

Now, Time for a few Lil' bits

You know what it is like to see 3200 text messages on your Phone bill?

Well, Luckily, J and I had shuffled around funds and cleared up room to get unlimited "Text" messaging because we "Knew" the girls would eventually start "Texting" all the time.  So the 3200 did not hit us with a HUGE Bill but was a Surprise as that was from just my Oldest!

Stunned at the quantity was/is an Understatement!  How can you Text 3200 times when you are at school or under Mom and Dad's eyes all the time?  I mean Really?  Come On!

And do you want to hear the Sad part?

Dad didn't get 1 from her.  :(

*Currently wearing that Parents Smile*

Last just a short note on this:  Yesterday's Post has received a little attention - Not a ton but is getting a bit of Traffic from a few referrals.  So if you have a chance check out the "Gift of Renewal" and Comment, Link to it, Facebook it, Tweet it and all of those things, Please?  It could become something Very interesting and that we all could say "We started THAT!"

Hope your Weekend has been good and that you all have a Great Week.



  1. Thank you so much! You made my day! What a great surprise. I am so new to all this so I am still learning but you made me feel like I'm on the right track. Blessings...have a great day!

  2. 3200 and not one to you! Shocking! Disown her at once. Or remind her or her extensive obligations to you. Preferably by text. Hope all well.

  3. 3200? How in the world is that possible? she most have the fastest thumbs in the West! I guess I should brace myself my Daughter might beat that record!

  4. great show of blog love and love White christmas by bing crosby

  5. Danny, Thanks so much. It has been fun to see how both of us have grown in our blogging skills over the past year. I appreciate your support of my efforts.
    Jann aka #1Nana

  6. Yum cupcakes! Speaking as one who is low on food and without car I could really fancy a cupcake.

    Prepare for those texts increasing, I know people whose unlimited is actually limited at 10,000 and they go over them. The question is how many of those messages are single words or just LOL

  7. Hmmmm yummy now I definitely want some cuppie cakes :)

    Thanks for the award, Danny Boy.


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