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Sunday, December 12, 2010

There be More than One Dragon out there!

Anything at Anytime mentioned a couple of days ago that I had gotten another Letter from Tomas.

Well, it appears Tomas is getting into the thick of things and the Expedition is getting a bit.... hmmmm...... Interesting.

Read for yourself:

Oh, and he included a few pictures this time.


What can I say?

Greenland has been an Experience, that is a Certainty!  With the way things are going I could definitely use someone with some of your "Skills".  

Have anyone you could Recommend?  
If so, you can send me the info at my Old, Old address from ages and a day ago.  You know the One, the one that you figured out with the "PM" before my name.  They still get my mail sent to me and get it to me rather quickly I might add.

You will understand, I think, as I get more into what is (or has been by the time you read this) going on.

I have sent a few pictures and will explain them during the letter as I organize my thoughts.

The first one is a picture I found as we were leaving Prum and I deciphered all the things around the frame of the Picture.  The original namers miss named the Dragon.  This is an early Rendition of Frozen Hell from back in the dark ages.  Even though the "Talent" leaves much to be desired I believe it still is a very Imposing image for the day.

     Even back then it appears that FH had a thing for mountains.

One thing I noticed in that picture, something that has made me think about FH.  The "Mane".  Something itching my mind and I can't scratch it out.


As you know we were going to investigate if Frozen Hell maybe around the Volcano that was Active recently.  Our "Hunch", I think, was Right!
I think we got closer than we know.

We got to the monitoring station and everyone there was just sort of stunned.  Before finding out what was going on we got everything unloaded.  Then Sustera (Suz, and there is more about her) and I began to ask questions about why everyone was acting as they were.  Almost all of them were reluctant to tell us what had happened.  Apparently, they are so secluded out here that they don't like talking to outsiders that much.  

Eventually we got a couple of them to "spit it out" and found out that three days before we got there they had an "Encounter" that shook all of them to "the core".  I imagine that if I weren't expecting it something like this would shake me as well:

Can you believe it?  FH came out in the Open - in Daylight!

The guy that drew this said that he had followed it back to where it entered the mountain and the "script" he wrote above the drawing was etched into the stone above the cave.  Someone with First hand Experience, Can you Believe that?

Well, Suz and I talked him into showing us to the location.  We left the next morning and started out with everything.

We passed a Desolate yet strangely Beautiful Scenery at every step as we approached the Volcano.  There were signs of activity everywhere.  I even found a Scale - it has the appearance of a fine Polished Silver that is clearer than any mirror I have ever looked into, light weight, strong (took a hammer to it and didn't even smudge the sheen), and about the size of a pillow and a 1/2 inch thick.

Sorry,  First Scale I ever found!  It is a bit Exciting!  

As we were trekking along, heading towards the entrance, I had this perpetual feeling that we were being "Watched".  What makes it even weirder is that I felt, not as if someone was "Watching" us approach, but as if Someone were "Watching" or "Following" where we were going.

We ran across a small village, maybe ten or eleven families, called Valdestabard.  Really nice people and they made rooms for us for the night.  
***side note here Dan,
                     I really think we are on to something.  Pieces are falling into place unexpectedly
                     and fortuitously.  Its as if someone wants us to find FH.  ***

The Frogards (pronounced Fro Guards), the couple that housed Suz and I that night were a very enlightening couple and quite accommodating.  We were eating dinner at the table when I looked up from my place at the table and saw something on the mantle above the fireplace that sent a shiver down my spine, not a bad shiver but a shiver of Excitement!  I asked and took a picture of it:

 and then asked them where they had gotten it?  Apparently the Frogards and all the others in the village are the "Stewards" of FH's Caves when he is not present and when He is here they become his "Eyes".  This is the piece passed on to the "Keeper".

Svald, Heir Frogard, informed us that FH was no longer in the mountain caves as He had sensed anther's presence and that He, FH, has not been awake long enough to have gained full strength and do what must be done.  So it appears that we will be traveling elsewhere to find him.

Svald did take us to the caves the next day but via a passage under the village.  They blind folded us and moved us back and forth around the homes for about an hour before entering the passage.  Guess they didn't want us knowing outright where the entrance was.  Can't blame them after seeing the last picture.  

Once in the Cave Svald allowed us to look around and see some of what FH had there.  The things we saw!  

There was a side cave that looked........ Uncared for to say the least.  I asked Svald about it and it apparently housed documents and pictures of Ill Mannered Dragons.  Interested, I looked in and one wall held a Picture that commanded a closer look.  

Svald approached to see what I was looking at and then informed me that was a picture of Dultar (the man) and Delmonic.  FH and Delmonic had "Issues" with each other and that Dultar and Delmonic had vowed to see the end of FH and the reason FH had left was He had felt Dultar's presence.

I asked the very Obvious question.  The answer was....... intriguing.  Allegedly Delmonic tied Dultar's life to his own, thereby giving Dultar a form of "Dragons Fear".  

I know there is much to absorb in this letter.  

Now, I think, you may understand why I want someone with some of your "Skills".

Svald is calling me and says the Post is here and I must wrap it up to get this out.  He, Svald, is a good man and is trying to help us figure out where to head next and to mislead Dultar at the same time.

Will mail out another letter later but will code it somehow based on the first two letters and will provide the key related to my "PM" address.  

Hope all is well, and you should get this before.... So,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Your Friend and Dragon Compatriot,

Tomas DumBass Snotbottom

It appears that Tomas has gotten himself and his expedition into a unique kind of snare!

So, I am putting out a call for all to see.  If you have Any information on these three men:
Gardner Pemberton,
Chris Myers (not the comedian),
Kevin Dupre.

Please Inform me so that I may contact them and Pass on to Prim..... ugghhummphhh.... Tomas.

Hope you all have a Great Week!



  1. things are rather heating up I fear. Serious adventuring ahead for sure

  2. Fantabulous! Can't wait for the next letter from Tomas! ;o) ... vlww


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