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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gift of Renewal & #8

Anything at Anytime is going to Revisit something I would really like to get started and to possibly have "GROW".  I am going to go over the "Gift of Renewal" again today and of course reveal #8 in the 12 Blogs by Christmas.


by Jamie Jensen

Jamie's site Daydream Believer was the first Blog of Note (or B.O.N) that I followed.  Her site is a mix of what is happening in her private life and once in awhile what is going on at School and with her Teaching.  She also gets into some of those TV shows that I just can Not sink my teeth into; however I can get into her reviews and insights about what is going on in them.  

It is amazing what you can learn about people with their blogs and such.  
Jamie has always got something to interest people and keep them wanting more.  
Stop Over to her site and see what I mean.

#9   Tribal Writer
#10 10 Minutes 2 Breathe
#11 Fizzee Food
#12 Canadian Blogger Girl

Gift of Renewal
- to symbolize that things Can be Re-Used and A New Beginning to the New Year.

Some of you have seen this already and have commented about it -
Now it its time to SPREAD the Word.

The Idea is Simple - Between Now and December 30th - You make a Gift with your own hands. 

It can be ANYTHING. 
It MUST have something Recycled in it.
You give it to Someone (Not in your Home (member of your Household)) on December 31st. - Family, Friends, Coworkers..... Anyone.  You could even give it to the first Person that says hello to you on New Year's Eve day. 

We were thinking that this would be something relatively simple.  It would require a bit of your time (as all Gifts should) and a little imagination/creativity. 
An Example:E & D were thinking about making some Pencil Holders with Soda Cans
We thought a fitting Name would be "A Gift of Renewal" 

If you like the Idea and think it is reasonable - You have until December 30th to get them/it done and Give it on December 31st. 

I would ask that you send me a Picture (at my E-mail) and I can place them on the blog as the 1st Batch of "Gift of Renewal"s.


  1. Hi Dan,
    my gran seems to be a bit better, fingers crossed she won't need surgery.
    I need to check out the blogs!
    I like the gift idea, I have been using some old canvases to make some Christmas presents with pictures I've taken over the year. Will see if I can think of something else that doesn't tax my very limited artistic ability.
    Mrs M

  2. Danny, I love the concept, but honestly I am slammed this year with moving and stuff. The family is lucky to get anything at all. I will try but don't hold your breath. Gosh, I am even recycling posts


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