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Friday, December 3, 2010

Enjoy Christmas Lights? Then Watch, Listen, and Read

Anything at Anytime from time to time brings you a bit of music to listen to and maybe make you think.

So just "click" the "Play" arrow and listen to the music and watch the lights or do the click and play thing and read on, listening while reading.

Music Playlist at MixPod.com
Running time for the two on this "Player" is about 6 1/2 minutes.

I don't put music up on the site everyday.  I won't.  This site isn't set up that way and I won't go there with it but there are times and Seasons that will get a bit more music attention.  Christmas is one of them.  So, as I am surfin the net and I find good Christmas Music I will put it up on the site for the holiday.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is one of my families favorites when it comes to Music at Christmas Time.  Just something about the mix or presentation of Orchestra as or in a "Rock" format.

This is my Time of year.  The "Cold" I can definitely do without, what I am talking about is the feelings, the thoughts, the Peace of mind one gets when being Kind just to be Kind (Something we should all do anyway, all the time!).  This IS My Time of Year, the time of year I know I am at my Best!

Yesterday, I thought about and wrote a tad bit about Traditions (wasn't much, just a little).
My thoughts are this: I am connected with People in Australia, various parts of the Middle East, Russia, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and of course the United States; by this blog (and following other blogs).  Why can't I connect Us ALL?  Get all of US together (like a Family at Christmas) to start a New Tradition.  Something WE ALL can Work on Together.  Start  SOMETHING that will travel around the Globe as Christmas comes to Each of US.

Doing something small to Connect us all.  Create something that WE ALL will have in common.  Something Simple.  Something that doesn't take money.  The only things it would require is OUR Time and OUR Hearts!  Something that brings to light in all of US that we are all different but really Deep Down that We are ALL the SAME!

60 years ago a task like this would have been IMPOSSIBLE, 30 years ago it was IMPOSSIBLE.  Today?  Well, WE do not have that Excuse - "It is IMPOSSIBLE" does not hold water.  Want to know WHY I say IT CAN BE DONE?


I am here in El Paso, Texas as I write this.

Where are you Right now as You Read this?

Seriously, comment today, tell me/US where you are when you read this: Country and State (if you have them).

What I propose is NOT IMPOSSIBLE!  We ALL just need to figure out something simple that People can say "I can take a few minutes of my Time for that." and set a date that we all try and get People to do it.  Something done at the Same Moment or at the Same Time in every time zone.
Example if it started at 8PM Christmas Eve in Chirstchurch, then 8PM in Adelaide, then 8PM in Hong Kong, 8PM in St Petersburg, 8PM in Frankfurt, 8PM in London, 8PM in................  I think You All get the Idea.
Some of you will Recognize those cities and Some of you won't.  They are cities in different countries that have had multiple visits to my site and some of them comment regularly.

So, If We can all run into each other here Why Can't WE ALL Join in some fashion on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Any and All Suggestions would be Great!

At Least Let US ALL give it an Effort.
Think about it........ What could We ALL DO?



  1. Adelaide, South Australia.

    Could we all post a particular picture or greeting, the same one at the same time and watch it travel across our blogs and time zones? An easy and quick post to do as people can get very busy xmas eve? Perhaps even a button with a code to make it even more simple to pass along.

  2. Awesome! I'm right outside Tulsa Oklahoma but you probably already knew that :D lol Love that you added Christmas music to your post! :D


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