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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some New Dragons

Anything at Anytime has recently finished a small, Very Small, Dragon hunt.

So I just wanted you all to see my new additions here and you can comeback and visit them on the Dragon Page in the future:

I found Her sniffing around Ye 'Ole Coffee Shoppe
I think She "Likes" Coffee?!?
Of course Heartfelt is going in here

and this one - well, I couldn't just pass him up when I saw him
Mynx at Dribble found him for My Birthday Yesterday!
Pay her a visit.  Use the link above.

Personally I have been Lax in the area of Dragon Hunting for the Dragon Page.  I guess I am going to have to get off of my Arse and go get me catch me some more Dragons.

Speaking of Dragons, I am hoping to hear from Tomas soon (it has been almost a month now) about how is Quest is going searching for "Frozen Hell".  I just hope he took the right gear with him when he went out into the Icelandic (or was it Greenland) wilderness.  He was always the rash one and took off without proper planning all the time.

Hopefully he will have more than realizing he is running a step behind his "Prize".

Say "Hello" to my newest arrivals to the Dragon Page and pay them a visit from time to time.  On the Dragon Page there are several Dragons to see and a little video (auto-plays so depending upon your speed may take a moment to load) - music and Pictures of some others I had a close call with.

So I shall let you go and prepare to make my preparations and see if I can go find some others to include.



P.S. Oh, if you run into any Good Dragons let me know where you found them and I shall ready my nets and traps.


  1. That one was pretty easy to catch. I distracted him with a bit of your birthday cake

  2. Fantastic - wonder if the one that likes coffee will come visit me? ALWAYS have a pot warm! Do so hope you hear from Thomas soon! :o)
    ... vlww


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