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Thursday, December 23, 2010

10 Things I Think of and Enjoy During Christmas and # 3

Anything at Anytime, We, You and I have 2 days until Christmas.
So, Today's post will be simple.
A List.

A List of things I Enjoy or Think about at Christmas.

A little bit of Christmas Music

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But, Before we get there:

We are down to 3 blogs left for the "12 Blogs by Christmas".  Now it is getting very difficult deciding because I like all of the Blogs I read.  I wouldn't be following them if I didn't.  The choice is made a little easier as some have been, for lack of a better description, on Vacation.

That still leaves Several to choose from.  If for some reason your blog is not on the list, I still like your blogs and who knows they could end up on the "12 Blogs by Christmas" next year.
(See what I did there, committed myself to a long term project.  Can't go anywhere until I finish my Jobs list or my Honey Do List.)


Red means Go
by Annah aka (to me) Girlo

I follow a couple of B.O.N.s (Blogs of Note - by Google standards, if anyone knows what those are please let me KNOW).  Annah at Red means Go is the first and to this day the only B.O.N. that I was following BEFORE she got B.O.N.ed.
At the time, I was her 150th follower and THIS Crazy smiley was my Avatar -
Her site rapidly grew from the moment she became a member of the Famosity B.O.N.ed Club.
She makes her own cartoons for her site and has some fantastic "Ducky Lip" pictures.
She shares her life as it happens and no bars held.  She tells it as she sees it and sometimes the language is a tad rough, but again that is life.  I talk a Hell of a lot worse, just don't put it on the site. :)

She Loves animals, specifically Dogs and will pick up a stray in a heartbeat and do her best to find it a Loving Home.  (For that alone she gets in the "12 Blogs by Christmas"!!!!!)
Anybody that goes out of their way for Man's Best Friend deserves recognition.

Matter of Fact - as of this time while I write this her last Post is about one of her "Rescues".  Stop in and Pay her a visit.
And Maybe one day Anything at Anytime will Join her on the B.O.N.ed List.  (Crossing Fingers, hoping maybe someday.)

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10 Things I Think of
and Enjoy
During Christmas

A little peek into my soul.
A glimpse of what sits in me on the lighter side.

During Christmas I like to think of the "Was", "Is", and "Will be/Could be"s.
It is an contemplation of it all and should be something we all do Everyday!

So I will keep it simple a list of 10 Things I Think of and Enjoy During Christmas.
Starting at #10 and up to #1

#10 - Presents -  presents for me, is last on the list because it is definitely not a major concern but I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy a gift or two just for me.

(From here to #3 they are in no particular order)

#9  - The "BUM" on the street and how if it weren't for Friends and Family that could easily be me.

#8  - Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie with TONS of Cool Whip.
                        Better Yet, Let's just say ALL FRESH BAKED HOLIDAY TREATS!!!!!

#7  - The Christmases with Family (Thinking about and remembering Christmases Past)

#6  - Friends and Compatriots in the military that can not be home with their Family and Friends during the Holidays.

#5  - The Little Drummer Boy - as that is and has been my Favorite Christmas Song - a humble gift of pure talent and heart, nothing more, nothing less.

#4  - People I know and Love that are no longer with us during the Season.  (That includes things that have been passed on from them to me to be used for the Holidays.  Each and Every One are Used and they are remembered.)

#3  - Surprising someone, anyone, with an act of kindness with no forethought.  At Least Once during the Holidays.  (Another thing we should all do, All of the time.)

#2  - EGGNOG - Can't get enough during the Holidays.  A BIG GIANT Glass sprinkled with Cinnamon and Nutmeg, MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

#1  The Very Top of my List -
I Thank God that He gave me My Wife and Daughters.  Nothing in the World Compares to the Joy they bring to My Life EVERY SINGLE DAY!

What are some of the things you Think of and Enjoy During the Holidays?
(NO, BILLS and Stresses don't count, Something You ENJOY or brings you HAPPY THOUGHTS?)

Please Share?


1 comment:

  1. aw what a great post and here is wishing you and your family a very merry christmas


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