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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

R.I.P. - Thumper - 08/12/10

Anything at Anytime Says - Good Bye!

Thumper in His Glory
already eying my FEET!

Thumper has been a member of this family for the better part of about 4 years.

He was the only other "Man" in the house other than myself and I will miss him.

Thumper was the girls' rabbit but he had this game he played with my feet.  Whenever he was out of his cage and I was around he had to come over and commence figure 8s around my feet.  After 2 or 3 laps he would stop and "Nibble" my feet or shoe laces then start all over again.  Crazy Wabbit!

Well, Thumper hasn't been top notch lately and has just been tired (sort of like me).  It bugged J enough that when I picked her and the girls up to take them to the school for a performance D was doing, J asked me to check out Thumper when I got home.

I got home and took a look at Thumper and he was just laying there breathing heavy and not doing anything.  He hadn't touched his food or water all day, nor had he done any of his other "duties/nature".  Something was wrong and there was no denying that Thumper was quickly getting there.

So, I just got him out of the cage and held him.  I knew what was coming and yet it still SUCKED.

At least he wasn't in the cage and one of us was holding him.

Thumper was an Awesome Rabbit.

That is from someone who Never would have gotten a Rabbit as a pet.

I Loved when he realized he was big enough to "Teach" Snuggles where not to "Sniff" (as dogs do).  He must have Jumped a good 2 feet in the air and did a 180 degree turn, lashed out with his front paws and basically "Punched" Snuggles in the Nose.  I don't know who was more surprised - Him, Snuggles or all of us for having witnessed it.
Something we all Laughed at and hope we will all continue to laugh about when we remember him.

I could go on with many stories about Thumper but I am going to have to wrap this up now, as the Girls will be home in just a bit and I know Dad's shoulders will be needed.

Just do me a Favor - Don't tell them I need their shoulders also.

Good Bye Thumper and Thank You for being a part of our Family.

Thumper ???? - 08/12/10


  1. oh darln man, sending you a big cuddle. Don't try to be a big tough bloke ok. The girls need to know you are upset too. Lots of happy memories for you all.

  2. sorry man...that sucks...
    thoughts and prayer for you and yours...


    stupid stuff i see and hear
    bruce johnson jadip

  3. He was such a beautiful and cute little rabbit. I'm very sorry for your loss, Dan. :(

  4. I am sitting here thinking about my little man (thumper) I just keep thinking about how much the snuggles took care of thumper. When they were playing outside and the evil trash truck was comming snuggles would make sure snuggles was close to the house and he would bark at the truck. Whenever they were outside everytime snuggles would bark Thumper would run to the house. Then the day I let snuggles out front early and all of a sudden I hear her barking and whining because she saw another rabbit and thought it was her tumper. I had to literally pull her into the house so she could see that Thumper was safe. After she saw him she just laid there watching him. I miss him so much and I keep thinking of the song I would sing to him.

    I love you my little man!!!!

  5. man this is so sad... i know what it feels like to lose a pet that was also a family member. it's sweet that you wrote a post about him. i'm very sorry =(


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