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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stockings, Stockings Everywhere and #10

Anything at Anytime is doing what was intended for yesterday's post but....... I didn't get the pictures until last night...... (Damn, new Phone!  I hate having to learn all the little crap you have to go thru in order to learn a new phone!  Don't You?)

Before we get into today's Post, I have to reveal #10 on the 12 Blogs by Christmas:


by Joanne

A Relatively New Blog that has been up since October and is just getting into it.  Per my view a cross between an Everyday Blog and a Mommy Blog.  But Not.
I like it.
A bit Different.  Don't know exactly what it is but just something makes me like it.  Stop in and pay her a visit and see what you think.

Let's get her into the Double Digits for followers.

#11 Fizzee Food
#12 Canadian Blogger Girl

Stockings, Stockings Everywhere
(and not the kind I Like!)

J has been Teaching for 8 years now.  Second Grade for 7 of those and last year Third Grade because they had her Loop with her previous class.  (God, what a year that was! *Dripping Sarcasm*)

Anyway, every year (except last year, as they all already had one) J starts in late November or early December Crocheting Christmas Stockings for all of her "KIDS".
She has done between 15-20 a year for them.  That ends up being a bunch of Stockings.  It takes a good bit of time for her to get each one done.

When we were first married we were so tight, she taught me to crochet with her.  I helped her out that first year with many different little "Projects" for gifts.  Well, we got a little better off and I stopped.  I figure I better learn again for next year to help her finish them sooner.

Every single year she is up to the wire finishing them, because these aren't No Small Stockings!

She finished the last one last night about 3 hours after I got her home from school and she will be giving them all to her "KIDS" today at the Class Christmas Party as Friday is a half day.

She lets the Parents know (some already know as some of their older kids have been in her class) to get some cheap dollar store packages to have the kids bring in and they all go around putting their things in everyones stockings like they are a bunch of little Santas filling stockings.

I figure you are all wondering just what these stockings look like - The Colors Change from year to year but the size is about the same from year one to now.

The measurements are guesstimations but about right.
Some are 1/2" longer or shorter in either direction depending
up how tight the "Stitch" 

Christmas Stockings are good - but Personally.... give me Legs in "Nude" or Black Stockings and a Garter belt........ Now your Talking!



  1. Hey I made your List! So Awesome! You made my day! Thanks! Blessings, Joanne

  2. i love when teachers and parents get together and do this for the kids. as a parent every year i send ina small gift to my childs classmates it's great because for some kids this is allthe christmas they get.

  3. you saved the best for last...stocking and garterbelts!!

    good job!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    The guy book
    the guy book

  4. That is just about the sweetest idea I've ever heard! What a thoughtful thing to do. The Kids will always remember her and how cool that you help her with this as well. You guys make a great team. Blessings, Joanne

  5. Came over because Bruce said you needed help getting to 5000 page views by the end of the year. You're welcome! :)

  6. Hey Danny, sorry i am late. World is upside down at the moment. What a great idea as a christmas gift. She must be an amazing teacher.

    Not surprised about the stockings and garter belt. Combined with a trenchcoat I reckon with your Dimestore detective stories.


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