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Friday, December 10, 2010

No Certainties and a Picture with Santa

Anything at Anytime is getting back to Life.

Suffice it to say (this is the last about the last post):  We will MISS Thumper!  He was a part of the family and always will be.

The other day, before the above mentioned post, I intended to get me back to the Dime Store Detective and that is what brought about Dime Store Detective ReVisited and I hope it held up to the first one and you all enjoyed it.

Where am I going to go today?

I'm not sure - I could go with talking about how over the last month from the beginning of November to now, I am having some of the most traffic I have seen to my site from the start.


I could go into another Captcha Humor but just don't feel right with it today.


Maybe get into the Newest letter I just got from Tomas (see some of the older letters) - personally I was going to do that Sunday or Monday, thinking about it, I will still do it Sunday or Monday; I will tell you it looks like he has had an interesting time and not all good but not BAD.

I have an idea, maybe show you a picture of 3 young ladies sitting with Santa to take a Santa Picture.
These 3 ladies constantly comment about how old they are but deep down they are all 3 still "Kids" at heart and I guess just couldn't help themselves.

All 3 of the young ladies play a big role in my life and constantly have me turning in circles trying to figure out what the have up their sleeves next.  When J showed me, I couldn't help but chuckle a little wondering what got into them.

Now, I am not advertising Coke here but if they want to pay me they can.
This is about the 3 Beautiful Young Ladies sitting with Santa.

My Daughters D and E and My M.I.L. (Momma) apparently could not help themselves and just had to stop and have this taken.

Just the Picture alone - in my opinion makes this a Great Post.
I do know the writing could use a bit of work today.  I just ask give me a day to get back on Full track.

Anybody have Pics with Santa they would like to share here?


  1. Your Mother-in-law reminds me of my Mom especially the way she sits with her hands on her lap and legs to the side. So ladylike. Great picture.


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